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Most Canadians manage their finances by depositing their income and other short-term assets into chequing and savings accounts and borrowing when they need to, through mortgages, lines of credit, personal loans and credit cards. Unfortunately, this means they usually receive little interest on the money they deposit while paying high interest on the money they borrow.

Simple - Sensible – Savings
What if you could combine your deposits and your borrowings into one account? After all, by using your savings and income to reduce your debts, you could save much more in interest costs than you'd likely ever make in interest earnings. Find out how. Watch the movie now. (2 1/2 minutes - Flash). To find out how much money you could be saving, use our online savings calculator.

What's in it for me?
This special offer has been negotiated for engineering professionals by Engineers Canada, and is an exceptional means of paying off your mortgage years sooner, saving you thousands of dollars.

No monthly fee for the first six months
As an eligible engineering professional, you'll pay no monthly account administration fee for the first six months after your Manulife One account is opened. Then, you'll pay a low monthly fee of $14 after that.

Free appraisal
Any time a mortgage or secured line of credit is set up there are costs involved. With Manulife One, normal appraisal costs are covered by Manulife Bank. (Certain appraisal costs will apply to mortgages over $1 million.)

Paid legal fees
Any time a mortgage is set up, there are costs involved. Appraisal fees are charged to assess the value of the property and legal fees result from title searches, witnessing the signatures and registering the mortgage.

When you set up your Manulife One account, Manulife Bank will cover the cost of one appraisal, although sometimes two appraisals are required (specifically for accounts with a borrowing limit in excess of $1 million). Manulife Bank will also pay for the costs of normal title insurance on all Manulife One accounts. For a home purchase, we will cover all of the above and up to $300 of the legal costs too.

We do not cover any penalties or fees that your current financial institution charges you for canceling your mortgage early.

Manulife One Challenge
We're so convinced that Manulife One is a better way to manage your money, we're willing to offer you the "Manulife One Challenge." Try Manulife One for one year. If you're not convinced, after using it the way it was designed, that Manulife One is a more convenient, more efficient and less costly way of managing your day-to-day finances, we'll cover the costs (up to $500*) for you to move back to the way you banked before.

*Some conditions apply.

How do I apply?
To get started on saving today, you can apply by calling toll-free 1-877-765-2265. Don't forget to let them know you're an engineering professional entitled to the special offer sponsored by Engineers Canada.

Or contact a Banking Consultant directly.

For more information...
Take a moment to watch our new TV commercial online. If you'd like to learn more about Manulife One, visit us at www.manulifeone.ca.