Terri-Jane Yuzda

A Scholarship's History

The APEGGA Millennium Scholarship, introduced in 2001, is intended to assist the children of APEGGA members to pursue a post-secondary education and is awarded on the basis of a combination of factors. The primary factor is marks achieved in the most recent year of formal education, but significant weight is placed on accomplishments in other areas.

Caroline Olsen, attending the University of Western Ontario and studying business administration and chemical engineering, was the first recipient of the Millennium scholarship in 2001. Maciej Kotowski of McGill University, pursuing a bachelor of arts degree in economics and political science, was the 2002 winner.

"The fact that the APEGGA Education Foundation was able to both increase the number and the amount of the Millennium Scholarships indicates how generous our members are and their commitment to the education of future generations," says Ross Plecash, P.Eng., APEGGA's Corporate and Member Affairs director.

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