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Editor's Note: The APEGGA Education Foundation, which is separate and distinct from APEGGA, serves the professions by supporting the education and development of engineers, geologists and geophysicists, as well as those who might enter the three professions. It assembles and manages funds, builds endowments and encourages donations. The foundation distributes funds for scholarships and awards, and in support of special projects.

The APEGGA Education Foundation Board of Directors held a meeting Feb. 26, and on March 19 the Annual General Meeting was held. Out of these meetings came the important announcements that follow.

Increases In Millennium Scholarships

A second Millennium Scholarship has been created by the foundation, which will be in the amount of $2,000 and offered for the next university or college term. Also, the board wishes to announce that the original Millennium Scholarship, begun with an APEGGA $50,000 endowment, will have the amount of the award increased to $2,000 by Foundation revenues. Last year this award was worth $1,500.
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Auditor's Report

The financial report was submitted to the AGM for approval. We had a very successful year compared to previous ones. Total assets increased from $257,764 to $363,421 but of most interest is that voluntary donations increased from $31,782 to $69,161!

The campaign was based on making the voluntary donations available to increase scholarships after deducting campaign expenses (mailing) of $3,130, so $66,031 is our net.

Canvassing life members was a key element in achieving the increase. The board has already decided that this will be done again this year. The board will work next to develop the specific increases by scholarship with the aim of having them equal.

On the face of it, this should be simple arithmetic, but the reality is that those at the University of Alberta are endowed (since the late 1970s) and the endowment has grown, allowing greater awards. The board will get all this figured out.

The financial reports will appear with APEGGA's annual reports in April, along with the foundation president's report.

New Officers

It was announced at the AGM that Norman Orr, P.Eng., will be our president in the coming year. He will be known to many of you as an APEGGA past-president, a past warden in the Edmonton Camp of the Seven Wardens, and a longtime volunteer for our professions.

Connie Parenteau, P.Eng., and Alice Payne, P.Geol., are new additions to the board.

Is There Anybody Out There?

Answer: Two, at least. When I compose these articles, I wonder if anybody reads them. I have even considered just recycling some old articles to see if anyone has been paying attention!

However, I've had two contacts recently that help keep me motivated. One was from Bruce, who pointed out that two U.K.-based organizations with members in Canada, Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and the Hydrographic Society, both add a levy on their invoices for annual dues to support their scholarship programs. The amount is about 10 pounds ($25, say). Members are not obliged to pay this and can just delete that entry if they wish.

My other contact, Bob, who I know personally, points out that for the 2002 tax return, the credit on the first $200 of charitable donation is 16 per cent (not 17 per cent, which I wrote) - and is 29 per cent on donations greater than that.

Since many give over $200, this credit adds a bit more weight to the argument for voluntary donations than I suggested. Keep those cards and letters coming!

The next thing to need our attention is the year 2003 donations campaign. I previously thought our voluntary donations would plateau at $70,000 but in view of the past success, I feel we can "raise the bar."

People are leery about supporting a fledgling charity and particularly when there have been no tangible results. You will see those rolling in now over the next few months, and that makes me more optimistic.

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