Terri-Jane Yuzda


The Hand of the Professional
Engineer is Often Unseen

Red Deer Regional Hospital Centre
Expansion Project, January 2003
-Photo Coutesy David Thompson Health Region

Chair, Central Alberta Branch

How is APEGGA's Central Alberta Branch membership like the Red Deer Regional Hospital Centre expansion? Here's how.

One fine day recently, I happened to notice the construction site for the expansion. A massive crane was hoisting various supplies to the top floor. Traffic below was undisturbed, seemingly unaware of the crane's movement. Passers-by were unconcerned that tons of materials were suspended directly above them.

Why? Because they were confident that the machinery was designed, constructed and being operated safely.

I realized that same public confidence extended to the entire expansion project. It would be very unlikely that any of the public would actually meet any of the many APEGGA members responsible for the successful design, construction, and operation of the project, but people feel safe in the knowledge that competent, professional people are doing their jobs well.

They know that a group of individuals with diverse knowledge and skills are working as a team, with one focus - public safety. That the allocated public funds were being spent efficiently and effectively, without undue waste. All this, almost invisibly. A manifestation of APEGGA's relevance to the public?

Lately, Central Alberta Branch executive has been trying to answer two questions: how can we convince more of our members to actively participate in improving our community and raise public awareness of the great things we do, and why don't we get more of our members to participate at our organized events?

It occurred to me that, like the hospital expansion project, members of Central Alberta Branch are far from idle. The more I talk with members, the more I realize how many of us devote so much of our time to actively participate in our communities: as coaches, leaders, board members. Each contributing to building our communities stronger, safer. All this, almost invisibly.

But not unnoticed. Thank you to all who continue to exemplify the true meaning of professionalism and APEGGA membership.

Project Summary:

The $95.8 million expansion project will develop the vacant third floor of the RDRHC, construct a new critical care building and south complex building, move the Helipad closer to the emergency department, and deconstruct the outdated general, east complex and Dr. Richard Parsons buildings.

This will result in 84 more acute care beds, for a total of 387; 18 more ER treatment areas, for a total of 42; seven more renal dialysis stations, for a total of 18; and 300 more parking stalls, for a total of 1,250.

Project contractors include prime consultant Group 2 Architecture Engineering, Interior Design; Rockliff Pierzchajlo Architects and Planners; engineering consultants Stantec; construction manager Stuart Olsen; and project manager Earth Tech Canada.

Special Note

Thank you to the recently announced life members in Central Alberta, Bruce Ferguson, P.Geol., Robert McIntyre, P.Eng., and Clayton Ross, P.Eng., for your years of professional contributions to society, the positive reflections you have given to APEGGA, and continue being role models to us all.

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