Nominations must be received by September 30, 2004 to ensure consideration for the 2005 awards.

What are the Summit Awards®?

The Summit Awards® is APEGGA’s major annual event, held in conjunction with the Annual General Meeting. The event provides a suitable forum to recognize excellence in the practices of engineering, geology and geophysics and the contributions APEGGA members make to the community.

Before 1991 these awards were presented at a luncheon held during the Annual Conference, normally at a resort location. On the recommendation of the conference organizing committee, the Council of the day approved the movement of the event to the more accessible locations of Edmonton and Calgary on alternating years. The Summit Awards®, as they are now known, were also changed from a luncheon format to a higher profile gala. The event has been very successful and has become one of the premier award events in Alberta. It is also larger than any awards event held by our affiliate associations across Canada. The Summit Awards® event consistently receives praise from both corporate supporters and individual members. 


Why have a gala event for the Summit Awards®?

In 1991 APEGGA undertook a communications program to increase the public’s understanding of the work of engineers, geologists and geophysicists. A survey of the public indicated that there was very little awareness of the contributions made by APEGGA members to Alberta’s standard of living. The communication initiatives over the past years have included advertisements, publication of magazines, sponsorship of student activities during Engineering Week and Science and Technology Week, as well as many other activities. The Summit Awards® is another opportunity to tell Albertans about the contributions of our members.

The Summit Awards® are promoted through mailings, posters and personal contacts by volunteers prior to the event. After the Summit Awards®, the award recipients are announced through advertisements in daily newspapers. The Summit Awards® plays a dual role in providing an appropriate prestigious event to present our primary awards and, at the same time, a showcase to profile the valuable contributions members make to society.


Who should attend?

Everyone is welcome at the Summit Awards®. This is not intended to be a closed event. We have deserving members that are receiving awards, and we want the world to know! The Summit Awards® show will be entertaining and fast-paced. We have had praise from spouses and partners at past Summit Awards® on the quality of the show and entertainment value of the whole event.


How can my organization use tickets if we decide to become a supporter?

Organizations have found many different ways to use Summit Awards® tickets. Some make tickets available to employees and their partners. These employees are not always APEGGA members. Many companies make them available to various members of the engineering, geological or geophysical team in their organization. Some include individuals from other departments such as accounting, legal or support staff. They will all enjoy the show.

Some companies reward employees who have gone that extra mile, making it a part of their internal communications and recognition programs. You may also wish to schedule meetings or training sessions around the time of the Summit Awards® and bring in your field staff. You can provide training and then have employees attend a very motivational Summit Awards® event.

Can a small organization benefit by participating as a sponsor? Previously we have had one-person firms sponsor the Summit Awards® by purchasing a table of ten tickets. The tickets can be used to help cement relationships with your banker or accountant. Hosting clients at the Summit Awards® will leave them with positive, lasting memories of your hospitality and your link to a vital professional community.

Larger firms have also included their bankers and other suppliers at the Summit Awards®.  For organizations of all sizes, it's a promotional activity that will not be forgotten.  Some companies have combined their desire to promote science and math education with the Summit Awards®, by inviting students and teachers to join them.   These have become very positive experiences for both the students and company representatives.  If a company wants to include students but doesn't have the contacts, we can be the matchmaker.  Just let us know.

The Summit Awards are a registered trademark of APEGGA