AUGUST 31, 2004

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Nancy Toth, MA
1500 Scotia One
10060 Jasper Ave. NW
Edmonton AB T5J 4A2
Tel: 780.426.3990, 1.800.661.7020
Fax: 780.426.1877
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APEGGA fully supports mentoring because of the benefits that accrue to the mentor, the protégé, and the corporation for which they work.

If you want to read the background on APEGGA’s mentoring program, click here for more information.
If you are new to mentoring, learn more about it through APEGGA's Mentoring Handbook.
APEGGA has set up 2 pools for mentoring. The first focuses on work-related soft skills. The second, launched August 31, focuses on employment and career – related skills. Click here to learn more.
If you want to sign up to be a mentor or a protégé, click here to register in APEGGA’s mentoring services. Using demographic filters of your choice, compatibility questions and a skill assessment, the service will provide you with some matches.






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