AUGUST 31, 2004

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Background: APEGGA launched its mentoring program March 31, 2004. The focus is on the transference of work-related soft skills from more experienced members to less experienced members. To be eligible, proteges had to be employed so they could practice the soft skills, e.g. teamwork, negotiating , etc.

Emerging Needs: After a few months another need began to emerge. Some locally educated grads and some internationally educated grads who were not employed or who were under-employed expressed the need for mentoring assistance. They did not qualify for the mentoring program and their primary needs were more in the area of employment and career development.

Purpose: For these reasons, APEGGA developed a second mentoring program with a focus on employment skills like resume writing, interviewing, networking, etc. Mentors will provide employment and career advice as well as helping the protege identify seminars and networking opportunities. Through existing PD event and new stand-alone events, APEGGA will help support the program by offering relevant seminars. Please check the website for upcoming seminars.

Logistics: The second mentoring program is based on the same principles of mentoring as the first. It, too, is supported by mentoring software. There is a cost of $50 to the protege for the first year of mentoring and $25 for subsequent years. The program is free for mentors. It will be possible for proteges in this section to transfer to the first program once they have found employment in their field.

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