AUGUST 31, 2004

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Why is APEGGA involved in mentoring?

  • In regard to being a mentor, the program will appeal to many professional members who have an interest in assisting those who are less experienced.

  • Results of a recent random survey of members on mentoring, extrapolated to the full membership, indicate the potential for 2500 mentors and 1200 protégés.

  • Few companies offer mentoring programs.

  • APEGGA’s Code of Ethics articulates the responsibility of professional members to volunteer their expertise to assist less-experienced members.

  • Members-in-Training have acquired technical skills in their fields but usually find they need training in soft skills once they enter the workplace.

Who are the intended candidates for this mentoring program?

  • This program will be of great interest to Members-in-Training.

  • In regard to being a protégé, the program will be of great interest to professional members who are just beginning their career and have also expressed an interest in being mentored.

  • Experienced professional members, who may or may not also be mentors, and are entering a new field/company might be interested in engaging a mentor.

What is the history of mentoring with APEGGA?

  • Within the past year, a Pilot Mentoring Program was conducted with seven corporations providing both funding and mentoring for periods of up to one year. As is generally the case, there was a high correlation between successful mentoring and the degree to which the corporate programs were formalized with written goals and objectives, regular meetings and the monitoring of goal achievement.

  • Seminars on mentoring have been provided at APEGGA’s professional development events.

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