Unless otherwise agreed between the Geotechnical and Materials Engineering Consultant and the Client, disbursements incurred by the Consultant in completing an assignment are properly chargeable to the Client.


Following are examples of expenses that are reimbursable in all Fee Basis options at disbursement cost plus an agreed mark up:

1. Reproduction of drawings and documents

2. Travel expenses

3. Telecommunications expenses

4. Living expenses for personnel

5. Advertising for tenders on the Client's behalf

6. Equipment detailed in the Agreement which is not included in normal overhead costs.

7. Messenger Service

8. Any other proper expense paid out by the Geotechnical and Materials Engineering Consultant on the Client's behalf, and not covered by the agreed fee, eg. drilling or coring subcontracts, chemical analysis, etc.

9. Other similar expenses for items consumed on the project such as survey stakes, containers, patching materials, sample molds, etc.


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