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A detailed description of the authority and responsibility of those involved in the design and construction of building projects is contained in the Alberta Building Code. Following is a summary of those responsibilities which most directly influence the effectiveness of engineers and architects in the performance of design and review during construction on building projects in which Premanufactured Building Components are used.


The Owner is responsible for:

1. Ensuring that a Registered Professional Engineer and/or Architect is engaged to undertake the design of the total building project.

Note: The scope of the assignment will establish responsibility for site survey, soils investigation and other specific tasks.

2. Ensuring that the necessary building permits are acquired before authorizing construction to proceed and that the plans and specifications on which the issue of the permit was based, are available continuously at the construction site.

3. Ensuring that the Designer or other Registered Professional Engineer or Architect to review during construction is engaged in accordance with the requirements of the Code.

4. Notifying the Authority in writing before construction commences of the following:

a) the name of the Professional or Firm Engaged to Review During Construction;

b) the name of the firm(s) engaged to fabricate and erect the building or portions thereof;

c) the date on which construction is scheduled to start;

d) the authorization for the Professional or Firm engaged to Review During Construction to report directly to the Authority.

5. Notifying the Authority in writing of any change in name of the Professional or Firm engaged to Review During Construction.

6. Ensuring that the Professional or Firm engaged to Review During Construction submits a Construction Completion Certificate signed by the responsible professional in each of the applicable disciplines indicating conformance to the drawings, specifications and Code.

7. Making applications in writing to the Authority for an Occupancy Permit or permission in writing to occupy part or all of the building after determining that all public safety requirements of the Code have been met.


The Prime Consultant is responsible for:

1. Establishing the scope of assignment required to perform the design including coordination, geotechnical investigation, site improvements, utilities, alternative designs and production of design drawings and specifications.

2. Selecting a Design Team with appropriate qualifications to perform the design assignment and negotiating agreements with subconsultants for elements of the design which are beyond the capability or capacity of the Prime Consultant's in-house staff.

3. Advising the Client with respect to the incorporation of commissioning into the design and specifications for the project.

4. Directing and coordinating the Design Team throughout the design assignment from the Predesign Report stage through the Preliminary Design Report and the detailed design.

5. Developing and distributing the design criteria for the assignment including the applicable codes or other regulatory constraints.

6. Establishing a formal procedure for communicating and documenting the decisions which influence the design.

7. Preparing contract documents incorporating the design drawings and specifications for tendering.

8. Advising the Client with respect to tendering procedures and the requirements for professional services during construction.

9. Submitting documents to Authorities for applicable permits at appropriate stages of the work.


The Designer is responsible for:

1. Determining the Owner's requirements and incorporating them in the design;

2. Providing design criteria with appropriate reference to Code and any special requirements;

3. Interpreting the intent of the drawings and specifications;

4. Determining that the design conforms to the Code and design criteria;

5. Obtaining a Letter of Certification from the Manufacturer (see Appendix D).

6. Informing the Owner of the requirements of the Code with respect to review during construction.


The designer of a building project should normally be engaged to review during construction to determine conformance to the design. In circumstances where the Professional or Firm engaged to Review During Construction is not the building Designer, the Professional engaged must satisfy himself that he understands the intent of the design, including any special features or construction sequences. Special care should be taken in either situation to seek input from the designer of the Premanufactured Building Component to become familiar with the important elements of the design and any special procedures during erection.

The Professional engaged to Review During Construction is responsible for:

1. Advising on Code requirements;

2. Determining if the intent of the design is understood by the Contractor, particularly any special features or construction sequences intended in the design;

3. Establishing the type and frequency of construction review appropriate for the project and providing those services;

4. Interpreting the intent of the drawings and specifications during construction, including obtaining clarification by the Designer as necessary;

5. Advising the Owner regarding the Contractor's capability to undertake a specific project;

6. Reviewing erection drawings and any other manufacturer supplied drawings and specifications to satisfy himself that the intent of the design is satisfied and that they have been prepared under the supervision of qualified professionals;

7. Submission of Construction Review Reports during construction and a Construction Completion Certificate when the project is complete;

8. Reporting to the authority in circumstances involving refusal to conform to Code or safety requirements;

9. Reporting to the Owner and the Authority when construction review services are withdrawn for any reason.


The Manufacturer is responsible for:

1. Designing the complete Premanufactured Building Component in conformance with the design criteria supplied by the Building Designer and the Alberta Building Code.

2. Supplying stamped general arrangement and erection drawings including all necessary details such as clearances, column reactions and bracing.

3. Supplying to the building Designer, prior to construction, a Letter of Certification (see Appendix D) stamped and signed by a Registered Professional Engineer stating that:

a) the loads of the total project as specified by the Designer have been accommodated in the design,

b) the process used in the fabrication of the components being supplied conforms to the Code.


The Distributor is normally responsible for:

1. Representing the Manufacturer as an extension to their sales organization,

2. Maintaining current technical information on the Manufacturer's products,

3. Facilitating communications between the Owner's Designer of the total building project and the Manufacturer.


The Contractor is responsible for:

1. Satisfying the Professional or Firm engaged to Review During Construction that he understands the intent of the design including any special features or construction sequences;

2. Directing and supervising construction personnel in such a manner that construction complies with the drawings and specifications and the work is conducted in a safe manner;

3. Notifying the Professional or Firm engaged to Review During Construction of errors, omissions and discrepancies discovered in the drawings and specifications;

4. Ensuring that construction personnel comply to reasonable instruction and interpretations made by the Professional or Firm engaged to Review During Construction;

5. Notifying the Professional or Firm engaged to Review During Construction when specific activities which require review are scheduled to proceed;

6. Establishing when substantial completion is achieved in accordance with Builder's Lien legislation;

7. Start-up of all systems incorporated in the design in accordance with the requirements specified in the contract documents.

Note: In circumstances where the Contractor offers to design and construct a building project, responsibilities include all items listed in articles 2.3 and 2.7. If, as the building Designer, the Contractor offers to review during construction, the responsibilities are as recommended in article 2.4.


The Authority is responsible for:

1. Reviewing the drawings and specification for compliance with the Code;

2. Interpreting the intent of the Code when requested;

3. Ensuring that the Designer or another professional is engaged to review during construction;

4. Issuing building permits;

5. Informing APEGGA and/or AAA of suspected unskilled practice or unprofessional conduct as appropriate;

6. Issuing remedial orders if it is determined that:

a) review during construction is not adequate,

b) construction does not conform to the Code.

7. Issuing stop work orders on projects under construction if it is determined that:

a) the Professional or Firm engaged to Review During Construction is not performing that function,

b) the building permit in invalid,

c) construction is unsafe,

d) site conditions are unsafe.

8. Issuing Occupancy Permits or permission in writing to occupy.


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