January, 2000

APEGGA Member Recipient of
CCPE-Meloche Monnex Scholarship

Vincent Rogers, P.Eng., an APEGGA Member currently pursuing a PhD in toxicology at the University of Saskatchewan, is among the six recipients of Canadian Council of Professional Engineers (CCPE) 1999 National Scholarships.

Along with Evelyne Coulombe, ing., of Quebec, Mr. Rogers has won the CCPE-Meloche Monnex Scholarship. Both were awarded $7,500 to pursue postgraduate studies in a non-engineering field.

CCPE announced the winners of its National Scholarships Competition on Nov. 13, and awarded a total of $52,500. Also receiving awards to pursue postgraduate studies and research are: T. Scott Benson, P.Eng., (New Brunswick); Nick Pfeiffer, P.Eng., (British Columbia); Carlo Coscia, ing., (Quebec); and Jianpeng Zhou, P.Eng. (British Columbia).

Mr. Roger already holds a master's degree in toxicology from the University of Saskatchewan, as well as a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Alberta. In support of his studies, he is conducting toxicology assessments of the naphthenic acids contained in the effluent water produced when raw petroleum, or bitumen, is extracted from Alberta's tar sands. His work could help scientists and engineers to understand the toxic effects of low-level repeated exposure to naphthenic acids on mammals, including the mechanisms of toxicity, and to develop techniques to reclaim the land around the holding ponds used to store the effluent water produced during the extraction process. Humans could be exposed to naphthenic acid through surface and ground water, or in food. His engineering work experience has primarily been in the petroleum industry.

Mr. Coscia, Mr. Pfeiffer, and Mr. Zhou are the 1999 recipients of the CCPE-Manulife Financial Scholarship, and will each receive $10,000 to undertake postgraduate studies or research in an engineering field. As the recipient of the CCPE-Encon Endowment, Mr. Benson will receive $7,500 to pursue postgraduate studies and research in engineering failure investigation, risk management, and/or materials testing.

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