The PEGG January 2000

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A New Look for The PEGG at a Special Time / 1

PEGG readers get to see a redesigned PEGG and are greeted by an illustration which reflects both on the season, and great inventions and discoveries of the past.

D.A. Lindberg Centre Honours Memory of Former President / 2

The D.A. Lindberg Conference Centre, a new state-of-the-art conference and meeting centre, which forms part of the APEGGA head office in Edmonton, has opened. It is dedicated to the memory of the late Dennis A. Lindberg, P.Eng., APEGGA's 1997-98 President.

President's Notebook / 3

APEGGA President Darrel Danyluk, P.Eng., urges APEGGA Members to take pride in themselves, their profession and their Association. He also explains how APEGGA supports and encourages Members at various stages along their career path.

Council Nominations / 3

Candidates nominated for APEGGA's 2000 elections are listed.

Readers' Forum / 4

PEGG readers share their views.

Council Briefs / 5
APEGGA Budget Calls For Fees to Stay the Same

APEGGA Council has approved a budget for 2000 that calls for no fee increase. Check for more news from Council's Nov. 25 meeting.

Strengthening Ties With Emerging Technology Sector / 5

APEGGA Council's Emerging Disciplines Task Force has completed the first phase of its work by submitting a report prepared by KPMG Consulting. The task force is seeking a better understanding of how APEGGA can work with professionals involved in emerging technologies.

Geoscience Task Force Outlines Priorities for APEGGA Action / 5

In its latest series of suggestions, Council's Geoscience Task Force recommends the Board of Examiners review current policies, as well as academic and experience requirements for geoscientists.

Executive Director's Notes / 6

APEGGA Executive Director Neil Windsor, P.Eng. discusses the value of professional engineering as it relates to purchasing professional services and selecting consultants.

Compliance and Registration Duties Realigned / 7

Reassignment of senior staff responsibilities in APEGGA has resulted in Mark Tokarik, LLB, P.Eng., being named Director of Registration and Dave Todd, P.Eng., Director of Compliance.

Input Sought On Code of Ethics / 7

A subcommittee of the Practice Standards Committee is working on revisions to APEGGA's Code of Ethics.

Our Volunteers / 7

Andrea Dawson, E.I.T., chair of APEGGA's Central Alberta Branch, is this month's featured APEGGA volunteer.

You Asked Us / 7

Can geoscientists serve as passport guarantors? Check page 7.

Calgary Branch Nominations / 7

APEGGA's Calgary Branch holds its elections Jan. 20.

APEGGA Enhances M.I.T. Program / 8

Improvements to APEGGA's Members-In-Training program includes a new guideline, will be complemented by a mentorship guideline, a new mentorship seminar, and a series of workshops.

Girls Discover Where IT's At / 8

The Explore IT Conference, recently held in Calgary, told Grade 9 girls about exciting futures in the Information Technology sector.

Campus News / 9
Anniversary of Tragedy Marked on Campuses

Students, faculty members and others took time on Dec. 6 at Alberta's major universities to honour the memory of 14 women killed at Montreal's École Polytechnique a decade earlier.

A Century of Great Ideas / 10

L. Mark Larsen, P.Eng., P.Geol., has taken up The PEGG's invitation for readers' to share what they consider to be an important technical or professional development of the 20th century.Mr. Larsen's suggests that the development of the theory of plate tectonics is a major advance of the last century.

CSPG/ CSEG Honorary Address 10

The link between birds and dinosaurs was the topic of this year's CSPG/ CSEG Honorary Address.

EATS Dinner / 10

IBM's Scott Rowland told the Edmonton Association of Technical Societies (EATS) dinner about evolving uses of the Internet in business.

Calgary's Transport Woes on the Mend Branch Told / 10

City of Calgary Manager of Transportation Planning Ken Reashor, P.Eng., told the Calgary Branch Luncheon about the city's ten-year plan to alleviate mounting frustration by commuters.

In the Picture / 11

Check out photos from APEGGA's Christmas receptions.

Taking a Look Inside the Earth / 11

APEGGA, the Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists, and the geology and geophysics departments at the University of Calgary invited Russian researchers, Dr. Youri Kouznetsov and Dr. Andrei Karakin to present their methods of investigation.

Iron Ring Postage Stamp / 11

Canada Post will issue a postage stamp commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Ritual of the Calling of an Engineer.

Jim Carter Leads Syncrude Toward a New Era / 12

Syncrude Canada President and Chief Operating Officer Jim Carter, P.Eng., the 1999 recipient of APEGGA's Centennial Leadership Award, has made significant contributions to his profession, his community and to his company which is embarked on an ambitious expansion.

Syncrude's Aurora Mine Takes Oil Sands Down a New Route / 13

Application of new technologies and approaches toward project management that let builders, consultants and owners share risk and rewards are making a difference at Syncrude's soon-to-be-completed Aurora Mine.

APEGGA Member Receives CCPE-Meloche Monnex Scholarship / 14

Vincent Rogers, P.Eng. is among the six recipients of Canadian Council of Professional Engineers 1999 National Scholarships.

In the News / 15

Through the Decades / 16

The PEGG begins a year-long series in which major accomplishment by Alberta engineers and geoscientists during the 20th century are highlighted decade by decade.

Benefiting From Cultural Diversity / 17

Lionel Laroche, PhD, P.Eng., concludes a three-part series on working in a culturally diverse world. He maintains that teams drawn from differing cultural backgrounds can produce initial misunderstandings but superior long-term results.

PEGG These Dates / 18

The PEGG provides an abbreviated version of PEGG These Dates. Check APEGGA's website for more details.

APEGGA Calendar / 19

Registration / 20

Have Your Say / 21

Careers / 22

Electrical Restructuring / 24

The PEGG presents the second installment of a three-part series examining changes already affecting the way Albertans generate, distribute and purchase their electricity.






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