January, 2000

Geoscience Task Force Outlines Priorities
for APEGGA Action

Following up on a report delivered last April, Council's Geoscience Task Force has made suggestions to implement its recommendations and improve APEGGA relations with earth scientists.

Last April's report called for a number of initiatives to increase participation by geoscientists in APEGGA and to raise the Association's profile among earth scientists.

The latest series of suggested actions includes a request by the task force to meet with the Board of Examiners to review current policies as well as academic and experience requirements for geoscientists.

In order to strengthen communication with geoscience technical societies, the task force suggests that geoscientists on APEGGA Council be appointed to liaise with key geoscience technical societies. Furthermore, staff and Council should participate regularly at geoscience technical luncheons.

There is a call for publication of a pamphlet aimed at non-member geoscientists to outline the value of professional geoscience registration.

Further action should be taken to increase APEGGA's profile at the geoscience undergraduate level and to encourage universities to offer a mandatory geoscience ethics course comparable to ones now given to engineering students.

In a related move, APEGGA Council has disbanded the existing APEGGA/CSEG/CSPG Liaison Committee in favour of other means of enhancing communication with geoscientists, including via an ad hoc committee to link to technical societies.

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