January, 2000

A Message to APEGGA Members
And Readers of The PEGG

By the time you read this, it's likely you have noticed a difference.

A gradual re-design of The PEGG starts with this issue. These changes complement some content changes already introduced in recent months.

Two objectives prompted the changes. The primary aim of The PEGG is to publish readable and well presented articles which inform you about the Association and matters which impact the constituent professions. In that regard, we recently have introduced three new regular features: one recognizing APEGGA's volunteers, there is a "You Asked Us" feature and the Executive Director's column addresses current important matters. These are in addition to coverage that was provided before.

Another objective is to enhance the appearance of The PEGG. With this issue, we are starting a gradual change in the "look" of the publication. It starts with a redesigned "name-plate" on page one. "Headers" at the top of each page have moved down to become "footers". An abbreviated "What's in The PEGG" appears on page one for quicker reference, rules (lines) between columns are gone, and a greater mix of column widths will add variety. Look for additional changes in subsequent editions.

A 1998 readership survey of a random sample of Members suggested we may be doing a number of things right and that there may be other things we could do better.

According to the findings of the survey, 24 per cent of you read almost all of your PEGG; 39 per cent of you read "some" of it, and only five per cent said that you don't read it at all. Seventy-eight per cent agreed that The PEGG is an important communication medium, with 50 per cent viewing the publication as "very important".

The changes we are introducing to your publication are meant to further increase the significance of the publication to you. Your suggestions for further improvements are always welcome.

C.L. Dmytruk, P.Eng.
Managing Editor Director Communications & Public Affairs Nordahl Flakstad Editor

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