Presented to members of APEGGA who have served their profession diligently for many years and made substantial contributions to the operation of the Association and the advancement of its professional status."


Gordon Donald Williams, P.Geol., PhD

Gordon Williams, P.Geol., PhD, has diligently served the geoscience community and inspired the advancement of its related professions. For his outstanding service to his profession and the academic community, as well as his service to APEGGA, the L.C. Charlesworth Professional Award is conferred upon him.

Born and raised in Minnedosa, Manitoba, Dr. Williams graduated from Brandon College in 1955 with a bachelor's degree in general science. In 1960, he obtained his PhD from the University of Alberta, the first such degree granted in geology by the university.

Early in his career, Dr. Williams worked as an exploration and development geologist in the oil and gas sector. In 1961, he joined the U of A where he taught both undergraduate and graduate courses covering a variety of disciplines in geology and served as chair of the department of geology. He also taught and conducted research at the University of Queensland (Brisbane, Australia) for two years. During his long and successful academic career, Dr. Williams has been a staunch supporter of continuing education. He helped found the National Conference on Earth Science (the Banff Conference) - an annual event to promote continuing professional education in geoscience - and chaired it for 18 years. He has written and published numerous technical papers and reports in energy geology and computer applications.

Upon leaving the University of Alberta in 1985, he worked with Suncor Inc. as district geologist, helped establish a petroleum training company, and practiced as a geological consultant before joining Mount Royal College in Calgary in 1990 as the dean of science and technology. He has now resumed his consulting practice in Calgary.

Dr. Williams has made outstanding contributions towards operation of the Association and the advancement of the professions it represents. He served on the Student Affairs Committee, the Task Force to Evaluate the Future Role of APEGGA, the Practice Review Board, the Discipline and Investigative Committees, and, for six years, on Council. He continues to advocate and vigorously promote professional registration of geoscientists across Canada, and chairs a task force charged with establishing a national association, the Canadian Council of Professional Geoscientists.

A past president of the Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists, Dr. Williams has re-ceived its President's Award and a Service Award in recognition by his peers in that society.

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