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European Technologies International Inc.
Development of Can-BalanceTM Automatic Balancing Technology for Rotation Equipment

For decades, scientists and engineers have sought to develop a technology that allows for automatic balancing while equipment is operating. Previous attempts were unsuccessful due to lack of utility combined with unstable behavior while the equipment was in motion. Gary Taylor of Calgary, founder of European Technologies International Inc. (ETI), was frustrated by imbalances in grinding and milling equipment. He tried various solutions until he found a trial and error method to automatically balance rotating equipment under various loads.

Mr. Taylor brought in a team of engineers and technologists to understand and develop the theory and practical application of automatic balancing. The Applications Group, formerly headed by Craig Hannah, P.Eng., applied engineering principles to the application of the automatic balance devices. The research and development team headed by Paul Wierzba, P.Eng., PhD, ETI's vice-president of engineering, developed the theory of operation and stability analysis for applying the now patented technology to real machines.

Ongoing efforts by ETI engineers to solve the balancing problem in many diverse application areas include the analysis of rotating equipment using computer simulation and modelling techniques. This ability to model, analyze and design automatic balancing solutions is unique in the world. To this end, ETI's engineers have also developed unique instrumentation for measuring and analyzing vibration of three-dimensional systems.

ETI's Can-BalanceTM technology has been transferred through licences to manufacturers for use in washing machines and centrifuges. As well, ETI has incorporated the Can-BalanceTM technology into its own range of products for personal watercraft, snowmobiles, fans and recreational ski boats. Continued development efforts are being pursued by ETI in the automotive industry, specifically for applications of the Can-BalanceTM technology to the internal combustion engines. In the manufacture of prototypes and products, ETI uses Calgary-based suppliers, but occasionally must seek sources in other parts of Canada and abroad. ETI has also utilized support from the Universities of Calgary and Alberta, and the National Research Council.

Some of the largest, well known companies in the world are looking to ETI in Calgary for its technology and support in solving the problem of vibration of rotating equipment.


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