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Big Days
Leader of Tomorrow winner Dr. Michael S. Kallos, P.Eng., poses at the ASTech awards banquet with Amanda Banks - who, as of early December, is his fiancee.

APEGGA Members Win ASTechs

Editor's Note: This story has been corrected, since it appeared in its original form in the print version of the January 2003 PEGG. Dr. Keng Chung, P.Eng., was inadvertently omitted from the list of winners. And a member name was wrongly linked to the SMART Technologies item. The PEGG apologizes for these errors.

APEGGA members and permit holders took home six of 15 awards presented at the ASTech awards in October. Winners exemplify individuals or companies whose work in science and technology has had an impact globally as well as in major sectors of Alberta's knowledge-based economy. The 13th annual black-tie gala at the Shaw Centre in Edmonton highlighted and celebrated Alberta's groundbreaking achievements

Leaders of Tomorrow
Winner Under 30 Years Old

Dr. Michael Kallos, P.Eng., has proven himself to be a future leader in the science and technology community in Alberta. His research at the University of Calgary on neutral stem cells is considered critical for clinical trials planned to treat diseases such as Parkinson's and multiple sclerosis. Michael is assistant professor of chemical engineering and associate director of the Pharmaceutical Production Research Facility at the university.

Outstanding Commercial Achievement
In Alberta Science and Technology

Gross Sales Less Than $25 Million Per Year

Since 1988, Micralyne Inc., a permit holder, has been specializing in microtechnology, Chris Lumb, P.Eng., is CEO of this fast-growing and profitable business, which has been having a major impact on businesses within industry here and abroad.

Gross Sales More Than $25 Million Per Year

SMART Technologies Inc., a permit holder, designs products that bring people together. SMART's developments include SMART Board interactive whiteboards, as well as new products for the audio-visual market.

Outstanding Contribution
To the Alberta Science
And Technology Community

Making extensive and tangible contributions to the Alberta science and technology community, Andrew Gilliland, P.Eng., has the vision and dedication needed to build a thriving innovation community. Mr. Gilliland works as director of stakeholder relations for the NRC National Institute for Nanotechnology at the University of Alberta, and he is also APEGGA's second vice-president.
The award comes out of his work in establishing innovation centres in Edmonton and Calgary.

NRC/ASTech Innovation
In Industrial Research

North of Red Deer

Brian Moore, P.Eng., is founder and chief technical officer of BigBangwidth Inc., a company that has helped establish Edmonton as an international leader in nanotechnology. Mr. Moore plans to use the price money to hire a graduate student to join the team developing new technology for a product, BroadLan, which promises to dramatically increase the efficiency of data transmission over fiber-optic networks.

Dr. Keng Chung, P.Eng., hoists his
award high, at the 2002 gala at
Shaw Centre in Edmonton

Syncrude/ASTech Innovation
In Oil Sands Research

Dr. Keng Chung, P.Eng., of Edmonton is a renowned researcher with a broad perspective on oilsands operations.

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