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Photo right: Past President Dale Miller, P.Eng. with APEGGA Life Member Bob Myers, P.Eng.

Vermilion River Branch

Activities for the year 2002 kicked off with the President's Visit and Address on March 20 - marking the start of another busy year for Vermilion River Branch. Dale Miller, P.Eng., the president at the time, gave a brief overview of APEGGA's undertakings and addressed any questions members had. Executive Director Neil Windsor, P.Eng., also attended the event.

We held our AGM in conjunction with this visit, along with the Professional Member Induction Ceremony and Life Member Recognition. Seven new professional members were inducted and one life member was recognized. More than 50 people attended.

The second annual President's Luncheon in Vegreville was also held in conjunction with the visit. The lunch gave members from our west areas a chance to meet and speak with Mr. Miller.

On June 6 we held our third annual Professional Development Day and Dinner Presentation. This year the sessions were Winning with Difficult People and Thriving on Change, both presented by Bruce Lee. Kerry Keating with API Grain Processors delivered a dinner presentation on biofuels.

Attendance was great at 55 people and some very positive feedback was received on the day. By helping us organize the event, the local ASET/SASST branch contributed to its success.

The annual Vermilion River Branch Golf Tournament was also held in June. This year the event took place at the Lashburn Golf Course. The day was a great success with more than 50 golfers coming out to enjoy good sport, good company and good weather. The tournament included nine holes of golf and a steak dinner.

The branch presented school awards throughout the year at schools throughout the branch's territory. The number of schools involved continues to increase.

Plans for 2003 events are already in full swing. Our focus is on informing various schools in the Vermilion River District of the Teacher Awards coming up in the spring, and we're anticipating a significant increase in interest.

Other 2003 events include a pool social night, a tour of a local industry, technical dinner presentations, National Engineering Week events, the hosting of the September APEGGA Council meeting, and much more.

The Vermilion River Branch executive currently includes eight members. Several members have either relocated or relinquished their executive duties, so recruiting is under way to fill these positions as 2003 looks like it will be busy, too.

Vermilion River Executive
Chair: Trent Cherry, P.Eng.
Vice-Chair: Kathryn Cramer, E.I.T.
Secretary/Treasurer: Sloane Dieken, P.Eng.
Tim Benko, P.Eng.
Steve Breen, E.I.T
Sheldon Stark, E.I.T.
Jim Sweeney, P.Eng.
Kevin Thomas, P.Eng.

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