Terri-Jane Yuzda

Donor Names Omitted


Editor's Note: The following names of foundation donors were inadvertently omitted from the APEGGA Education Foundation special section in the November PEGG.

$25 and Under

Edwards, K.A., P.Eng.
Finley, R.G.B., P.Eng.
Kwong, K., P.Eng.
Li, S., P.Eng.
Ng, D.K., P.Eng.
Radonic, N., P.Eng.
Wylie, D., P.Eng.

$25.01 to $50

Jones, J.E., P.Eng.
Miller, E., P.Geol.
Wang, M., P.Eng.
Chen, W., P.Eng.
Tanaka, G.A., P.Eng.
Baker, M.E., P.Eng.
Colabela, T., P.Eng.
Mader, J.G., P.Eng.
Orr, R., P.Geol.
Rogers, F., P.Eng.

$50.01 to $100

Cook, G.D., P.Eng.
Cannon, M.E., P.Eng.
Leci, V., P.Geoph.
Eckenfelder, G. ,P.Eng.
Fennel, W.R., P.Eng.
Fisher, J., P.Eng.
Rodway, L., P.Eng.

$100.01 and Above

Fischer, A.F., P.Eng.

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