Terri-Jane Yuzda

Alberta Ingenuity Teams Up
With iCORE for New Awards

Two major provincial research funding agencies are working together to boost the appeal of Alberta's universities to informatics students. Under an award agreement taking effect this month, compensation from Alberta Ingenuity and the Alberta Informatics Circle of Research Excellence will be worth up to $65,000.

Until now, iCORE awards have gone only to students receiving prestigious Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council awards. But the new program is linked to Alberta Ingenuity awards.

Students of computer science, and electrical and computer engineering who enter or transfer to an Alberta university with an Alberta Ingenuity award will also receive an iCORE award. Compensation will total up to $30,000 for master's degree students and $35,000 for doctoral students.

"At this point in Alberta's development, the creation of strong research teams in information science and engineering warrants special attention," says Dr. Brian Unger, iCORE president. "By working with Alberta Ingenuity, we can make Alberta universities a very attractive option for the top students in informatics from across the country."

Adds Dr. Bill Bridger, president of Alberta Ingenuity: "The competition is tough for the top students in any area. By pooling our efforts, we can make Alberta that much more compelling in the highly competitive area of computer science and engineering."

The Alberta Ingenuity Fund is an endowment supporting science and engineering research teams. The Alberta Informatics Circle of Research Excellence is a government-funded organization that focuses on informatics research teams. Informatics, as defined by iCORE, is computer science, electrical and computer engineering, physics, math and any other discipline, as they relate to information and communications technology.

Four APEGGA members are on the Alberta Ingenuity board of trustees. Darrel Danyluk, P.Eng., of Calgary, an Alberta director on the Canadian Council of Professional Engineers, represents the association. Two APEGGA councillors, Ron Triffo, P.Eng., of Edmonton, and Dr. John Moldon, P.Eng., of Red Cliff, sit on the board, as does the University of Calgary's Dr. Elizabeth Cannon, P.Eng.

iCORE's board of directors has two APEGGA members - Dan Bader, P.Eng., Alberta's deputy minister of innovation and science, and Dr. Peter Flynn, P.Eng., Poole Chair in Management for Engineers, with the University of Alberta Faculty of Engineering.





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