Terri-Jane Yuzda

Look Way, Way Up

Odyssium Sends APEGGA Members
To Space Station - Via IMAX

They're the next best thing to actual round-trip tickets to the International Space Station, and they're available to APEGGA members at a special discount. What they are is tickets to the film SPACE STATION in IMAX, departing daily until March 30 on the huge screen at the Odyssium.

Narrated by Tom Cruise and billed as "a spectacular journey," the show treats viewers as crew members on a round trip to the Space Station. It provides an up-close glimpse of what weightlessness is like, and what it feels like to travel at 28,000 km/h to an orbiting mass more than 350 kilometres above the earth.

The IMAX production is the story of how 16 nations have come together to build a dream - widely considered the greatest engineering feat since the manned moon landing. The International Space Station is home away from home for these astronauts and cosmonauts, who are reaching new frontiers in space travel and life. In actual footage filmed by the astronauts and cosmonauts, viewers will see the challenges the voyagers face.

APEGGA is a contributing sponsor of SPACE STATION in IMAX. In recognition, the Odyssium offers Association members tickets in bulk at up to 20 per cent off, to encourage as many staff and associates as possible to attend. The tickets make excellent staff incentives, and employee recognition or team-building gifts.

Tickets are available by calling (780) 451-3344 or by stopping by Odyssium box office, 11211 142nd St., Edmonton.

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