Terri-Jane Yuzda

Outreach Group Plans Major Geoscience Conference in Calgary

Tours of Burgess Shale, Royal Tyrell Museum, Frank Slide and More Planned for Teachers, Earth Scientists

GeoSciEd IV Publicity Chair

Members of earth science associations and societies are very aware of the need to reach out to the public to help develop an appreciation of the earth and how its study relates to everyone's lives. Responding to this need for public outreach has become common ground for all earth science groups, regardless of the specific discipline or demographic they represent.

Most, if not all, groups have declared outreach as a priority and have struck committees and developed programs to take earth sciences to the community. As a result, networks of earth scientists and educators have expanded around the world.

An exciting conference, Aug. 10-14 in Calgary, provides a perfect opportunity for all professional geologists and professional geophysicists to help in this vital cause. Earth Science for the Global Community is the fourth International Geoscience Education Organization GeoSciEd conference. IGEO is the outreach arm of the International Union of Geological Sciences.

The conference is designed for earth science teachers from elementary to university level to meet the earth scientists who deliver outreach programs through communities, museums and science centres.

The conference's purpose is to share ideas and concepts in earth science education and in the development of programs that lead to an integrated understanding of our planet. The innovative technical program will include keynote addresses, workshops, and oral and poster sessions.

Field trips will take conference participants to many world-renowned sites of interest, including the Rocky Mountains, the Burgess Shale, the Royal Tyrrell Museum, the Frank Slide and the Athabasca Glacier.

Every professional geologist and professional geophysicist can help. A huge part of the success of this conference depends on getting the word out to earth scientists and educators around the world. You can help by taking a moment to visit the conference website to find a printable conference poster. It's legible in black and white as well as colour.

Print copies and give them to any teachers or geoscientists you know. E-mail the website address. Have your children take copies of the poster to their science teachers.

We must talk to our youth about the earth and our appreciation of it. Our profession and everyone's quality of life depend on it.

Presenting a paper would be ideal. But even if you can't do that, you can make a critical contribution. Help by passing on the word of this great chance for geoscientists and educators to meet.




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