May, 2000

APEGGA 2000 Summit Award Winners


Dave Irvine-Halliday, P.Eng., PhD

Dave Irvine-Halliday graduated from the University of Strathtay in Dundee, Scotland, with a B.Sc. (Hons.) in electrical engineering in 1964, and from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, with a M.Sc. and PhD. Early in his career, he worked with several electrical and telecommunications companies in England. The results of his work in digital and network synchronization theory were patented by British Telecommunication Research Limited.

Shortly after his doctoral graduation, he came to Canada and joined Bell-Northern Research (BNR) in Ottawa. After a successful career as a member of the scientific staff with BNR, he joined Alberta Government Telephones. After returning to Scotland to work on a contract, he began his teaching career at the University of Technology in Victoria, Australia. In 1983, he became an associate professor at the University of Calgary.

Dr. Irvine-Halliday has placed a high priority on serving his community. While in Australia, he volunteered as a swimming instructor for physically challenged children. In 1992, he joined the Calgary Roadrunners Club and has since assumed a number of leadership roles with the club. In these positions, he was the promoter in organizing events to raise money for aboriginal athletes and local hospitals. He has also volunteered with the Calgary Winter Olympics in 1988, the World Police and Fireman Games in 1997, and numerous other racing events to raise money for charity.

In the early nineties, Dr. Irvine-Halliday agreed to chair a new Women in Engineering Committee (WIEC). Led by his vision, WIEC promoted engineering careers to young women still in high school through countless school visits and student meetings. He also organized seminars on entrepreneurship, slanted towards women.

He is an active promoter of science, math and technology to high school students, and is a founding member of the TriCouncil on Education.

Because of his participation in a Mount Everest climbing expedition, Dr. Irvine-Halliday was unable to accept his APEGGA Summit Award in person.




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