The PEGG May 2000

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Sue Evison Sworn in as APEGGA President/1

Sue Evison was installed as APEGGA’s 81st president at the Association’s Annual General Meeting on April 28 in Edmonton. Ms. Evison takes over from Darrel Danyluk, P.Eng., who in leaving the presidency pointed to implementation a new inter-association mobility agreement as a major accomplishment of the past year.

APEGGA Summit Awards®/ 1

Eight individuals and one project received APEGGA Summit Awards®. (Profiles on winners here.)

Brian Tobin to Speak at Fund-raiser for The APEGGA Education Foundation/1

Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Brian Tobin will speak at fund-raiser for The APEGGA Education Foundation on June 12 in Calgary. (Complete story/ How to attend.)

Volunteers Insert

APEGGA recognizes the valuable contribution made by the volunteers serving on the Association’s boards, committees and branch executives.

Thanks Sponsors/ 2

APEGGA thanks the sponsors of this year’s APEGGA Annual General Conference.

President’s Notebook/ 3

In her first President’s Notebook, APEGGA President Sue Evison, P.Eng., discusses the place of professionalism in a changing world.

Council Briefs/ 3

Following up on recommendations from the Practice Review Board, Council has reiterated existing stamping policies. For a report on decisions and discussions at the April 27 Council meeting, click here.

Council Line Up/ 4-5

Four new Councillors have joined APEGGA Council. Check the listing also for returning Councillors and for those serving on the 2000-2001 Executive Committee.

Readers’ Forum/ 4-5

Presidential Profile/ 6

President Sue Evison shares her story, including growing up in New Zealand.

Member Survey/ 6

The Relevance Task Force is conducting a Member Survey. (Member Survey on the Web)

Questions & Answers With the New President/ 7

Sue Evison answers questions posed by The PEGG.

Compliance Update/ 7

APEGGA Director Compliance Dave Todd, P.Eng., highlights recent activities in the compliance area.

CCPE Foresees Software Engineering Solution/ 7

The Canadian Council of Professional Engineers is optimistic that the "software engineering" dispute can be resolved.

Summit Award Winners/ 8 & 9

The PEGG publishes brief biographies of the latest APEGGA Summit Award recipients.

New Members-in-Training Guideline/ 10

Check the first of three articles on APEGGA’s Member-in-Training program. Click here to go to Members-in Training Guideline.

Task Forces Report to AGM/ 11

An APEGGA Council Task Force on Relevance, along with the Geoscience and Emerging Disciplines Task Forces, reported to the AGM.

AGM Backs Legislative Changes/ 11

The APEGGA AGM has supported a number of legislative changes including a revamped Code of Ethics for APEGGA members.

Annual General Conference Photos/12

Get the picture(s) on the Annual General Conference, including the Summit Awards®.

University of Alberta Engineering in Expansion Mode/ 12

University of Alberta Dean of Engineering David Lynch,. P.Eng., PhD, told the APEGGA AGM Luncheon about ambitious expansions plans now proceeding within his faculty.

New Media Have Role in HR and Mentoring/12

Speaking at a luncheon during the Annual Conference’s Professional Devleopment Program, Ernst & Young’s Paul Johnston explained how the new "e-conomy" is impacting mentoring and in-house training.

Wayne Grover Brings Healing Touch/ 13

APEGGA Member Wayne Grover, P.Eng., PhD, recipient of the prestigious NSERC Staecie Fellowship, is a world authority on self-healing " communications" networks.

ICET Boost Communications & Electronics Sectors/ 14

The Information, Communications and Electronics Technology Alliance has good news to tell about what’s happening to Alberta’s electronics industries and related ICT sectors.

Through the Decades/ 15

The Second World War and the second half of the 1940s proved pivotal to Alberta’s development. Check the latest installment of Mike Braithwaite’s decade-by-decade account of the engineering and geoscience development in Alberta.

In the News/ 16

Read about moves and appointments involving APEGGA members.

Careers/ 18

Student/Grad Employment Outlook/ 19

The PEGG continues a tradition of assessing the employment outlook for students and graduating earth science and engineering students.

Registration/ 20

Have Your Say/ 21

APEGGA’s cartoon feature.

PEGG These Dates/ 22

APEGGA Calendar and Societies Listing/ 23

APEGGA Professionals All Fired Up About Rockets/ 24

A number of APEGGA members are enthusiastic boosters of the Calgary Rocketry Association.


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