May, 2000

Council Briefs

The following were among the issues on the agenda or considered during the April 27 APEGGA Council meeting in Edmonton.

Stamping Requirements

In the face of inconsistency in how some Permit holders are interpreting stamping requirements, Council, on the recommendation of the Practice Review Board, has reiterated the requirement that "all originals and all copies of final documents must include a signed and dated professional stamp or a facsimile thereof."

The PRB also recommended that the Practice Standards Committee be asked to incorporate the interpretation of the Regulations into its guidelines and that it take steps to make members aware of the recommendation.

In conducting random proactive practice reviews, the PRB became aware of some inconsistencies in the application of stamping procedures. The vast majority of Permit holders reviewed were applying the procedures as prescribed in the Regulations.

APEGGA Time Capsule

APEGGA will provide Association-related items for one of 24 capsules to be included in the Calgary Construction Association’s Millennium 2000 Time Capsule Project. The project involves a life-sized bronze casting of "The Constructor" at the base of which 24 capsules will be placed with the aim of opening them in 2100.

Science Centre Support

APEGGA will support re-development at the Edmonton Space and Science Centre by contributing a total of $50,000 over two years toward a suspended bridge being incorporated into the entrance of the centre. The centre currently is undergoing a $13.5-million renovation. The APEGGA contributions will be recognized by featuring the APEGGA names and logo on the face of the bridge.

Appointments by Council

Council appointed Darrel Danyluk, P.Eng., as APEGGA’s representative on the board of the recently established Alberta Heritage Foundation for Science and Engineering Research. Council also approved the appointments of Dan Motyka, P.Eng., to the University of Calgary Faculty of Management’s Council; and Ron Grantham, P.Eng., to a group examining possible uses of the former Federal Building in Edmonton.

Public Members’ Terms of Reference

Terms of reference for the Public Members of the Discipline Committee and the Practice Review Board have been approved by Council. The provisions clarify the role and the expectations placed on Public Members appointed by the Alberta government. They are in addition to the terms of reference spelled out in the Regulations to the EGGP Act.

CCPE Report

Canadian Council of Professional Engineers Alberta Director Fred Otto, P.Eng., PhD, reported on recent developments including a CCPE board meeting held Feb. 26-27 in Quebec City where a new Canadian Engineers Award, the Medal of Distinction for Women Engineer Role Models, was approved. The award would recognize male and female engineers who, through their engineering and career achievements, have acted as role models for women entering the profession and who have established a benchmark for engineering excellence.

Council also elected Dr. Otto to serve a further three years as CCPE Alberta Director.

Diversity Policy

Coun. Elizabeth Cannon, P.Eng., PhD, and 1st Vice-President Sue Evison, P.Eng., presented for APEGGA Council discussion, a draft CCPE Policy on Diversity in the Engineering Profession. Subject to some clarifying comments to be forwarded for CCPE’s consideration, Council agreed to support a draft version of the report prepared in January. The policy recognizes the role of women, minorities and the handicapped within engineering, and promotes and encourages their participation within the profession.

Discipline Publicity

Discipline Committee Chair Bruce Alexander, P.Eng., was on hand to discuss with Council publication policies relative to discipline cases. The matter is to be further considered by Council and the committee.

Alice Payne Congratulated

Council congratulated Alice Payne, P.Geol., a former Councillor, who is to receive an honorary doctorate from the University of Calgary next month.

Departing Councillors Thanked

President Darrel Danyluk, P.Eng., thanked the four Council members stepping down, Coun. Elizabeth Cannon, P.Eng., PhD; Bonnie Stowkowy, P.Eng.; Neil O’Donnell, P.Eng., P.Geol., and Past-President Dan Motyka, P.Eng. The departing Council members made brief comments, with Coun. Cannon saying her three years on Council have helped her better understand the Association. She suggested the challenge for APEGGA will be to retain tradition while adapting to new circumstances, including emerging technologies. Coun. Stowkowy praised Councillors for being willing to disagree and to dialogue in a constructive manner. Coun. O’Donnell praised the Presidents who served while he was on Council for encouraging open debate. Reflecting on his time on Council (including his term as President), Mr. Motyka said developing a new governance model and helping select the Association’s current Executive Director were significant accomplishments.

Guests in Attendance

Guests attending the Council meeting included Richard Hancock, P.Eng., chair of CCPE; Claude Lizotte, ing., director of professional affairs, Order des ingéneurs du Québec; and Peter DeVita, P.Eng., president of Professional Engineers Ontario.







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