June, 2000

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BYLAWS Part 2 - Election of Council

APEGGA 2000-2001
Nominating Committee

APEGGA's Annual General Meeting approved the following Nominating Committee for 2000-2001. Members of the committee serve for a two-year term with approximately half of the members being appointed each year.

Members Returning:

Darrel Danyluk, P.Eng. - Chair
Reid Crowther, Calgary

Al MacDonald, P.Eng.
EBA Engineering, Edmonton

Bob Kavanagh, P.Eng.
Stantec, Edmonton

Alfred Schulz, P.Eng.,
Canadian Chemical Producers, Edmonton

Andrew Gilliland, P.Eng.
National Research Council, Edmonton

Gordon Moore, P.Eng., PhD
Dept. of Chemical/Petroleum Engineering - University of Calgary, Calgary

Darcie Greggs, P.Geol.,
Hillspring Consulting Ltd. Calgary

Murray Todd, P.Eng.
Canadian Hibernia Holding Co., Calgary

Kathleen Sendall, P.Eng.
Petro-Canada Oil and Gas, Calgary

John Boyd, P.Geoph.
Boyd Petrosearch Ltd., Calgary

New Members:

Perry Kotkas, P.Geoph.
Arcis Geophysical, Calgary

Connie Parenteau, P.Eng.
Telus, Edmonton

Kip Fyfe, P.Eng.
President - Dynastream Innovations Inc., Calgary

Peter Kruselnicki, P.Eng.
Deputy Provincial Treasurer, Edmonton

Jim Hutton, P.Eng.
Colt Engineering, Edmonton

Vernon Fedor, P.Eng.
Medicine Hat Branch Chair, Medicine Hat

Steve Fedyna, P.Eng.
Imperial Oil, Calgary





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