What Does the PD Department Mean to You?

Professional Development Manager

The Professional Development Department is committed to assisting members at all stages with the various aspects and avenues of their professional development. I’m the manager and Flo Primeau is the PD coordinator, and it’s our job to make this personal and critically important professional journey as interesting and rewarding as we can.

How do we do that? This column will attempt to answer that question.

Are you a full professional member? Your status as a full professional member would have been recognized formally at our Professional Member Induction Ceremony arranged by the PD Department. The November PD Day and the two days of PD at the annual April Conference are also organized by the department.

Each event is designed to assist with your overall professional development and the meeting of your CPD requirement. This year a second PD Day will be initiated in September and a random needs assessment will be conducted to update member input.

If you signed up as a mentor, protégé or both with APEGGA’s new Mentoring Program, you are participating in another of the department’s programs.

Are you a member in training? If so, you are probably aware of the M.I.T. soft skills seminars held each spring and fall, over five days in Edmonton and in Calgary. You will remember that about the time you graduated, you attended a Ring Ceremony and workshop on professionalism and ethics. The PD department collaborates with the ring wardens and stewards to arrange the day’s activities.
As an M.I.T., you may have signed up as a protégé with the Mentoring Program to enhance the soft skills required of you in the workplace.

Are you a student? You may be familiar with the Student Liaison Committee or you may have enjoyed student mixers and soft skills presentations. These activities represent collaboration between APEGGA’s PD staff and members of the engineering and earth sciences student bodies.

Grants administered through the PD department assist students with Western Engineering Conference and Competition, National Engineering and Geoscience Week and many other activities at the universities of Alberta and Calgary.

APEGGA’s PD staff also arranges sessions on ethics and professionalism to first- and fourth-year engineering and geoscience students at the two universities.
In addition, the department is increasingly involved in varying levels of partnership with tech societies, other professional associations, etc., in order to provide a broader variety of economically priced and valuable seminars.

Every effort is made to inform members about PD opportunities, through brochures, the APEGGA website and The PEGG, as well as our online training marketplace, PEGGasus.

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