Terri-Jane Yuzda


Council Welcomes Meaningful Dialogue

Executive Director and Registrar

The ongoing debate concerning the proposed inclusivity initiative has caught the attention and imagination of a large number of members and has given Council an excellent opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue with members on a matter of significant importance to our professions. Input such as this has been all too infrequent and Council is hopeful that this current high level of interest in the affairs of the association will continue. The consultation and communication program that will be carried out over the next few months will be a model that can be followed to a greater or lesser degree for other matters in the future, depending on the importance and complexity of the issue at hand.

Council has diligently sought input and given much consideration to the inclusivity proposal over the past year. The result is a concept designed to make the association more inclusive of practitioners who have the qualifications and experience to practice the professions in some form and within a defined or limited scope of practice, much the same as Registered Professional Technologists (R.P.T.) do. As is the normal practice for such issues involving the licensure process, this matter has now been formally referred to the Board of Examiners for their review and comment. A delegation of Council will be meeting with the Board at their annual meeting in mid-June to discuss the proposal in detail and to provide more insight to the Board on what Council has proposed. In due course the Board will report back to Council with their recommendations and Council will consider this carefully before determining how to move forward from there. Clearly the views of the members are paramount and the consultation and communication process will ensure that there is ample opportunity for stakeholders to be informed on all the facts and to provide input to Council.

Recently staff conducted a small e-mail survey of randomly selected members for the information of Council and to consider at the annual retreat. We thank the nearly 700 members who responded for their valuable input to the process. As expected it showed that roughly one third of members who participated are in favor of the proposal, one-third are opposed and one-third are undecided. Even though it showed that 85% of members are now aware of this issue it confirms the need for much more consultation before proceeding further.

The numbers are interesting and show slightly more support from geoscientists. Based on all respondents, 35% support the proposal while 36% do not, and 29% are undecided. Replies from engineers suggest that 34% support and 37% do not with 29% undecided, while geoscientists indicate that 48% support and 22% do not with 30% undecided.

Asked in what format members would like to receive future information respondents favored e-mail, the PEGG and the website with a smaller number favoring a brochure and a very small number favoring town hall meetings. All this information will be valuable for Council in deciding how best to proceed with this issue as it unfolds. One thing is clear, the consultation and communication process will be thorough, transparent and responding fully to the concerns and advice of all stakeholders. This initiative is very important to all members and your continued input as we move forward is of great importance and value.

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