July, 2000

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Council Briefs

The following items were among those considered or on the agenda at the June
15 Council meeting in Calgary.

Board of Examiners Appointments

Council has confirmed a number of appointments and reappointments to the
Board of Examiners. New appointments are: Faye Hicks, P.Eng., PhD, --
examiner in civil engineering; and Barry Patchett, P.Eng., PhD, member at

Reappointed are:

Gary Faulkner, P.Eng., PhD, for another year as chair of the Board;
Philippe Erdmer, P.Geol., PhD, academic examiner in geology;
Don Flock, P.Eng., PhD, academic examiner in petroleum engineering;
Edo Nyland, P.Geoph., PhD, academic examiner in geophysics;
Prof. Verne Plitt, P.Eng., academic examiner in mining/metallurgical and
mineral processing; Dick Stein, P.Eng., PhD, academic examiner in electrical, computer,
software and engineering physics; Don Lawton., Geoph., PhD, member at large; and
U of C Dean of Engineering Chan Wirasinghe, P.Eng., PhD.

A number of other appointments have been made by the minister responsible
for EGGP Act. They are: John Railton, PhD; and Bryan Evans, R.E.T., and Mike Sheen,
R.E.T., both appointed Registered Professional Technologists (Engineering) examiners.

R.P.T. (Eng.) Registration

APEGGA Director Registration Mark Tokarik, LL.B, P.Eng., reported that
APEGGA has received from ASET 19 nominations for registration as Registered
Professional Technologists (Engineering). These applications currently are
being processed.

CCPE Report

CCPE Alberta Director Fred Otto, P.Eng.,PhD, reported that Ray Barham,
P.Eng., of TransCanada PipeLines in Calgary, has been appointed to the
Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board. University of Calgary Engineering Dean Chan Wirasinghe, P.Eng, PhD, has been named to the Canadian Engineering Resources Board.

In another development, CEAB has determined that the accreditation processes
used by the Engineering Council of South Africa are equivalent to those
employed by the CEAB. As a result, South Africa has been approved for
inclusion under the Washington Accord, which provides for mutual recognition of undergraduate engineering programs in the countries that are part of the agreement.
CCPE reports that from the implementation of the new Inter-association
Mobility Agreement last year and until the end of 1999, a total of 893
registered engineers applied under the terms of the agreement for licensure in other
Canadian jurisdictions.

CCPG Report

Canadian Council of Professional Geoscientists (CCPG) Alberta Director Bob Comer, P.Geoph., said work is proceeding on a mobility agreement for geoscientists. In addition, proposals have been developed for cooperation between CCPG and similar bodies in the U.S. and the U.K.

Dwight Ball, P.Geo., of New Brunswick, is the new chair of CCPG, replacing
Hugh Miller, P.Geo., PhD, of Newfoundland.
A CCPG Staff Liaison Committee has been formed. It is chaired by APEGGA
Executive Director Neil Windsor, P.Eng.

Geoscience Task Force

Council has tabled until September a report and recommendations
from Council's Geoscience Task Force. The latter had recommended the Task
Force be disbanded to be replaced by a Geoscience Advisory Committee. Coun.
Elaine Honsberg, P.Geoph., will chair the Geoscience Task Force, replacing
Neil O'Donnell, P.Eng., P.Geol., who completed his Council term in April.
Newly elected Councillor Peter Putnam, P.Geol., PhD, was added to the task

Relevance Task Force

Council voted to disband its Relevance Task Force which delivered a final
Report. (Click here for a more detailed report. )

Electronic Stamping

Pending more provision of additional information, Council
tabled consideration until September of a new Guideline for Using
Professional Stamps and Designations. The new guideline has been developed
by the Practice Standards Committee's Electronic Seals Subcommittee, chaired by Gerry Carson, P.Eng.

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