The PEGG July 2000

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Relevance Task Force Outlines Possible Future Paths For APEGGA / 1

With an APEGGA Council Task Force on Relevance having completed its work,
the Association has taken an important first step in defining the role it
will play over the next decade, and possibly beyond.

Noel Cleland Elected Chairman of CCPE/ 1

Noel A. Cleland, P.Eng., currently an Alberta Director of the Canadian Council of Professional Engineers and a former president of APEGGA (1991-92), has been elected as Chairman of CCPE.

New Environmental Summit Award/ 1

Following a recommendation from the Environment Committee, Council has
approved the terms of reference for a new Summit Award for Environmental Excellence.

APEGGA's 2000-2001 Council Holds First Meeting/ 1

The first meeting of APEGGA's new Council provided an opportunity to take a group photo.

In the Picture/ 2

There was an APEGGA presence at GeoCanada2000 and at the Calgary Youth Science Fair.

President's Notebook/ 3

Sue Evison, P.Eng., discusses some of the possible repercussions on APEGGA's future and actions which may result from recommendations by Council's Task Force on Relevance. One recommendations from the Task Force already has led to a subtle but important change in the wording of APEGGA's Mission Statement.

Council Briefs/ 3

Council approved a number of new appointments to the Board of Examiners. Check for additional news briefs about the June 15 Council meeting.

Using APEGGA Logos/ 5

The PEGG publishes an update on how members, Permit, firms, members-in-training and Students involved in the APEGGA Student Advantage Program can use the APEGGA logo. Click here to see guidelines for using the logo on the website.

Executive Director's Notes -- Mobility Top Priority/ 5

APEGGA Executive Director Neil Windsor, P.Eng., explains that inter-jurisdictional mobility of professional engineers and geoscientists has become an important priority.

Brian Tobin Speaks at APEGGA Education Foundation Fund-Raiser/ 6

Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Brian Tobin told an APEGGA Education Foundation fund-raiser that when it comes stewardship of its resources, his province has lessons to learn from Alberta.

Disciplinary Action/ 6

APEGGA's Discipline Committee has taken disciplinary action in the case of a professional engineer and a Permit holding firm involved in designing Whitecourt Mall of which a portion of the roof collapsed.

The Magic of Outreach/ 7

APEGGA's Outreach program which involves APEGGA volunteers in school presentations and other efforts to promote engineering and science has had another successful year, judging by feedback from students, teachers and parents.

Choose to Be a Volunteer/ 8

The PEGG republishes an article explaining how volunteers are likely to benefits by giving of their time, skills and energy.

APEGGA Introduces New M.I.T. Seminars/ 8

Member-in-Training as well as their mentors stand to benefit from seminars being offered on a regular basis, starting in October. Covering topics such as workplace teams, problem solving and conflict resolution, the program provides M.I.T.s with communication and management skills needed to succeed as professions.
For dates and times of seminars click here.

Women in Science and Engineering Assuming Wider Campus Presence/ 9

Women in Science and Engineering associations on Alberta campuses continue to encourage women to seek careers in engineering and the sciences, and increasingly are drawing men into the WISE ranks.

Engineering Management Program Back in Business at the University of Alberta/ 9

The University of Alberta's master's program in engineering management is up and running, and ready to accept students in September.

Geophysicists Prepare For Major Meeting In Calgary/ 10

The Society of Exploration Geophysicists holds its 70th International Exposition and Annual General Meeting from Aug. 6 to 11.

Canadian International Petroleum Conference Represents New Approach/ 10

The Canadian International Petroleum Conference held in Calgary brought a broader focus and fresh ideas to what formerly was the Annual Technical Meeting of the Petroleum Society of CIM.

GeoCanada 2000 Brings Geoscientists Together/ 11

Canadian geoscientists celebrated the new millennium with a historic
convention in late May, when close to 5,000 geologists, geophysicists
and other earth scientists gathered in Calgary.

GeoTreasures Exhibition Ranges from Mammoths to Meteorites/ 11

GeoTreasures, an exhibition, held in Calgary from May 26 to June 24 in conjunction with GeoCanada 2000, proved to be a mammoth success in more ways than one.

World Petroleum Congress Report/ 12

There was more to the recent World Petroleum Congress in Calgary than oil and gas, and leading lights in the petroleum industry. Volunteers (See PEGG story "WPC Volunteers Supply Important Energy Source") contributed to the success of congress which also delved into alternative energy sources, such as the hydrogen-powered fuel cells (See PEGG story "Fuel Cells Fuel Discussion").

EUB the Latest to Benefit From Graham Lock's Enthusiasm/ 13

With the addition of Graham Lock, P.Eng., as a member, the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board not only gains his legendary enthusiasm but also profits from his decades of energy industry experience.

A New Lease on Life/ 14

A heart attack in 1997 prompted Manny Kassam, P.Eng., to commit himself to a healthier lifestyle and to serve as a volunteer for heart-related causes.

In the News/ 15

APEGGA 2nd Vice President Gordon Williams, P.Geol., PhD, is this year's recipient of the J. Willis Ambrose Medal, awarded by the Geological Association of Canada. Check the regular In the News feature for information on other APEGGA members who recently have gained recognition.

Global Warming and the Sun/ 16

Is the reported global warming of the 20th century really due primarily to increased concentrations of carbon dioxide in the Earth's atmosphere from human activity? Apparently not, writes professional geophysicist and amateur astronomer Ken Allen, P.Geoph.

APEGGA Members Have Relatives Among New Grads/ 17

A number of APEGGA members responded to The PEGG's request to forward names of family members who recently graduated from university engineering or geoscience programs. The PEGG salutes the graduates and their families.

Through the Decades -- the Sixties / 18

The seventh in a ten-part series on engineering and geoscience developments in Alberta in the last century looks at the 1960s, a decade which brought Alberta many new challenges as its petroleum and gas industries continued to grow and mature.

Have Your Say / 19

Readers have their last say before The PEGG's cartoon feature takes a break.

Registration/ 20

Careers/ 21

APEGGA Calendar/ 22

PEGG These Dates/ 22

BP Amoco Helping Tyrrell Dig Into the Past/ 23

By lending the use of its Geographic Information Systems, BP Amoco is helping the Royal Tyrrell Museum locate and map all the quarries in the Dinosaur Provincial Park from which paleontologists have mined dinosaur fossils.

APEGGA Sponsors Math Contests / 23

APEGGA once again sponsored the Edmonton area Gauss Mathematics Contest (for Grades 7 and 8) and the Edmonton Junior High Mathematics Contest (for Grade 9)

Nobel Laureates Set to Share Secrets of Success/ 23

The Alberta Teachers' Association Science Council has arranged for seven Nobel Laureates to speak at its annual conference Nov. 16-19 in Edmonton.

Speaking of Life After Graduation:
Recent Grads Talk About Employment/ 24

With recent news in downsizing, boom/bust cycles, and mergers and acquisitions, what do recent geoscience and engineering graduates face in the job market? What skills are employers looking for and what difficulties must grads overcome? Monika Ulagaraj, E.I.T., invited six recent graduates to share their thoughts on "Life after Graduation".

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