July, 2000

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APEGGA's 2000-2001 Council
Holds First Meeting

Members of APEGGA's 2000-2001 Council held their first regular meeting in Calgary on June 15 when this photo was taken.

(Back row l to r.) Coun. Nima Dorjee, P.Eng.; Coun. Bill Roggensack, P.Eng., PhD; Coun. Ken Porteous, P.Eng., PhD; Coun. Shawn Morrison, P.Eng.; Public Member Hugh Planche; CCPG Alberta Director Bob Comer, P.Geoph.; and Coun. Mike Smyth, P.Eng.

(Centre row l. to r.) Coun. Gordon Stewart, P.Eng.; Coun. Brenda Wright, P.Geol.; Coun. Peter Putnam, P.Geol., PhD; Public Member Judy Williams; Coun. Ron Tenove, P.Eng.; Coun. Elaine Honsberger, P.Geoph.; Coun. Linda Van Gastel, P.Eng.; Public Member Stanley Souch, PhD; CCPE Alberta Director Fred Otto, P.Eng.

(Seated l. to. r.) 1st Vice President Dale Miller, P.Eng.; Past President Darrel J. Danyluk, P.Eng.; President Sue Evison, P.Eng.; 2nd Vice President Gordon Williams, P.Geol., PhD; and APEGGA Executive Director Neil Windsor. P.Eng. Missing: Coun. Ron Triffo, P.Eng. and CCPE Alberta Director and CCPE Chairman Noel Cleland, P.Eng.

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