July, 2000

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Disciplinary Action

Re: Gregory Shvartsburd, P.Eng.,
Member # M26961

G. S. Engineering Ltd.,
Permit # P03487

The Discipline Committee has issued a decision for a stipulated order whereby the engineer voluntarily admitted that he had conducted himself in a manner that constituted unprofessional conduct and unskilled practice in connection with services provided on the Valley Centre Mall in Whitecourt, Alberta. The engineer and/or permit holder were the structural engineers of record, providing field review during construction of the project in 1990 and 1991. In February 1996, a portion of the mall roof collapsed.

The engineer had stamped structural engineering drawings that were deficient and substandard in several respects including the omission of design loads, snow loads, material and connector sizing and specifications, beam sizing and roof slope information. In addition, he had provided substandard engineering services in that he did not review or approve the wood truss shop drawings prior to their incorporation into the project. Nor did he review the drawings to ensure consistency of the truss design with the design of the structure. His inspections were insufficient and inadequate given the size and complexity of the structure, nor had they identified deficiencies in the trusses themselves or in their installation.

The engineer had issued a report without having received or reviewed the shop drawings. Although the report stated that certain items were inspected, the inspection had been conducted at a stage of construction when the engineer could not have properly inspected and observed the items. The report did not identify the deficiencies in truss manufacture or installation.

The engineer's registration as a professional engineer had been suspended in February 1997 at the initiative of the Investigative Committee pending the outcome of its investigation and the Discipline Committee decision.

Disciplinary Action: The suspension of the engineer's registration and right to practice is continued until he passes the A1 and A2 parts of APEGGA's civil engineering syllabus of exams at his own expense. At that time, he will be allowed to resume practicing engineering, but under the supervision of a professional engineer. He must bear the costs of that supervision, including quarterly reports to APEGGA. He must pass the B1 and B2 parts of the civil engineering syllabus of exams within two years of passing A1 and A2. After he has passed B1 and B2 and has practiced under supervision for a minimum of two years, the supervision requirement will be removed. In addition, he must pass the APEGGA professional practice exam. An article identifying the engineer was ordered to be published in The PEGG.

For the APEGGA Discipline Committee
R. G. Chopiuk, P.Eng.
Director, Professional Practice

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