July 2001

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Millenium Scholarship Wins APEGGA Council Approval

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APEGGA members' children enrolled in eligible Canadian post secondary schools now have the opportunity to apply for the new APEGGA Millenium Scholarship. Council approved the proposal last month, but some details still need to be finalized.

At press time for The PEGG, the application deadline for the $1,000 scholarship, the exact wording of the terms of reference and selection criteria weren't completely devised. Dennis Brooks, P.Eng., P.Geoph., president of the APEGGA Education Foundation, said it's important members know the scholarship is available so they can watch for complete details -- including an application form and the deadline -- on the APEGGA website.

If more information isn't available at in three or four weeks, interested members should contact Vivian Payment in the Edmonton APEGGA offices, (780) 426-3990 or 1-800-661-7020.

The scholarship, for post secondary courses a minimum of two years in duration, is open to children of members and any area of study. Members can be residing within or beyond Alberta, and the educational institution can be anywhere in Canada. To qualify, a course must require at least a high school diploma and students must attend full-time.

Mr. Brooks said he hopes to see the size and number of foundation scholarships grow in the years to come. "We certainly feel we have a need to increase the size of this scholarship and all our scholarships," he said.

The foundation aims to award the APEGGA Millenium Scholarship later this year.



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