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James A. Mossman, P.Eng.

Editor's Note: APEGGA Council requires that The PEGG publish Discipline Committee decisions. Following are pertinent details of a stipulated order in a case involving James A. Mossman, P.Eng., and decided upon by the committee on April 14, 2003. Because this is a stipulated order, no formal Discipline Committee hearing was necessary.

During the course of an investigation conducted by APEGGA's Investigative Committee into the conduct of James A. Mossman, P.Eng., concerning services provided to Jager Homes Ltd., Mr. Mossman freely and voluntarily admitted and agreed with the facts and findings here presented by the Investigative Committee.

Agreed Statement of Facts

1. That J.A. Mossman, P.Eng., was at all material times registered in good standing as a professional engineer with APEGGA.

2. That J.A. Mossman, P.Eng., was retained to provide professional engineering services to Jager Homes Ltd. of Calgary respecting waterproofing treatment of a concrete foundation, including comments on a product known as Enhance.

3. That on Jan. 11, 2001, J.A. Mossman, P.Eng., issued a letter to Jager Homes Ltd. under his signature and professional seal.

4. The aforesaid letter was misleading in that:

a. The letter approved the use of Enhance to waterproof the foundation and implied that the use of Enhance together with the low sulphate content of the soil would mean that this foundation would not be subject to soil sulphate attacks.

b. The letter failed to state that Enhance was not recognized by the Alberta Building Code, nor did it state that the required testing had not been done by an authorized laboratory.


The conduct of J.A. Mossman, P.Eng., in the foregoing respects constitutes unprofessional conduct and a breach of Code of Ethics Rule 2.


That a letter of caution be issued J.A. Mossman, P.Eng.

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