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Some APEGGA Responses, Please

It was interesting to read the letter with many concerns raised by a member of APEGGA in the May 2003 issue of The PEGG (Has APEGGA Lost its Way? by Merle Wilde, P.Eng.). Similar and other concerns have been raised in the past many times by other members.

I am not writing to either affirm or question legitimate concerns raised by members. It would be natural to expect that someone knowledgeable in Association affairs, either from the APEGGA office or Council, would respond to these concerns. The response could be either through the editor or in the form of a write-up.

One does not necessarily expect a response to an opinion expressed through a letter to the editor in a public newspaper. The PEGG, however, is not a public newspaper, but a magazine of APEGGA for its eligible members. The members have the right to expect a response and deserve one.

This will help the silent majority of members with concerns, and also perhaps encourage more involvement. It is a natural human tendency to give up and not be involved once one believes that one's opinion has gone through deaf ears.

I also read with interest another letter, emphasizing members' responsibility to vote (Voting is Your Responsibility, by Chrys. L. Dmytruk, P.Eng.). I basically agree, since this is our democratic system.

However, the 20 or so elected councillors should not assume that they have been given the full right to vote and decide on all issues affecting the members. The members at large should be given the chance to vote on such issues of concern to a vast majority of members through plebiscites, surveys etc.

This is not much different from the APEGGA election process. In the present electronic age, response to the plebiscite or survey by members electronically through the APEGGA website would be very cost effective. Of course, those who choose not to vote would have no one to blame but themselves for the results of their action and hence of the plebiscite.

Canadians have been hoping for many years with limited success that such a system of seeking majority viewpoint (through public forums, plebiscites etc.) would be more common at all levels of government and businesses in our country. APEGGA can certainly lead the way by taking a small step forward so that others would follow with a giant leap in the same direction.

Dr. Raj S.V. Rajan, P.Eng.
Sherwood Park



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