Terri-Jane Yuzda

World Comes to Calgary for GeoSciEd IV


More than 200 teachers and Earth scientists from more than two dozen countries will discuss climate change, world water supply and much more at GeoSciEd IV, Earth Science for the Global Community, next month in Calgary. Evaluating the risks of earthquakes and tsunamis is among the topics on tap at the gathering of the International Geoscience Education Organization, Aug. 10 to 14. So is the world's dependence on the successful discovery and use of metals, gravel, and petroleum for fuel and plastics.

GeoSciEd IV is the education organization's first-ever meeting in continental North America. Previous meetings were held in Australia, Hawaii and the United Kingdom.

Keynote speakers include Albertan John Acorn, the Nature Nut on Discovery Channel and the author of Butterflies of Alberta; Calgary guide Ben Gadd, the author of Handbook of the Canadian Rockies and Raven's End; and Dr. Alan Hildebrand, who discovered the world's largest crater buried under Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, providing conclusive evidence of a meteorite collision with the Earth at the time of the mass extinction of the dinosaurs.

Dr. John Smol of Queen's University will tackle the topic of water and why its quality is changing. Field trips include at least four World Heritage sites - the Rocky Mountain World Heritage Parks, the Burgess Shale, Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, and Dinosaur Provincial Park. More than 150 papers will be presented at the University of Calgary.



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