Terri-Jane Yuzda

Military Engineering Class
Celebrates 60th Anniversary

Member of #2 CAUC

The #2 CAUC, on campus near the old drill hall (top photo) and during a retreat ceremony (below).

The year 2003 marks the 60th anniversary of a unique engineering class at the University of Alberta, Edmonton campus, the #2 Canadian Army University Course.

The course was created by the federal government to meet the Canadian Army's requirement for more than 1,000 engineering officers for the war in Europe. It was first offered in 1942 at the University of Toronto (#1 CAUC). Young men with good academic standing were enlisted in the Canadian Army, spent one session at university, and then began active service in the army.

The test was considered a success and for the 1943/44 university year recruits were enlisted and sent to universities across Canada to take the first year of engineering. The University of Alberta had 60 candidates registered. We became #2 CAUC.

The majority of the Alberta group took basic Training in Camrose in August 1943 and part of September, and then were transferred to quarters in St. Stephen College on the university campus.

The troops were given some parade square training when not at class and one of the four squads took part in retreat (lowering of the flag) each evening.
We attended regular first year courses and differed from the rest of the population only in dress (our uniforms) and being paraded to class. Four of our group graduated at Christmas and 56 made it through the total year.

After the year in university the group were assigned to various camps for advance training (infantry, artillery etc.) A number served overseas. A number were posted to Brockville on an officer's selection course and some of these became second lieutenants (the original reason for the course).

After the war 26 returned to finish degrees at the University of Alberta in engineering and engineering physics, 15 returned and received degrees in other fields while 2 received degrees at another University.

In May the group held its ninth reunion since leaving university, at the Mayfield Inn, Edmonton, with a special visit to the Edmonton campus. There are 38 members still standing and we lately get about 25 members with their wives to a reunion.

We have a history publication researched and written by Keith Henry, P.Eng., West Vancouver, a CD listing biographies and pictures from 1943 to 2001(our last reunion) put together by me. Pictures were supplied by various members but primarily by our resident photographer, Don Hicks of Coquitlam.

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