Terri-Jane Yuzda

PEGGasus Marketplace Nears Trial Phase

Market Manager, PEGGasus

A key goal within APEGGA's Business Plan is to "maintain a strong Professional Development program." One initiative that supports this goal is the development of PEGGasus, a marketplace on the Internet through which APEGGA members can search for, enrol in, pay for and arrange for the delivery of ongoing professional development.

Under the direction of Len Shrimpton, P.Eng., APEGGA has taken the lead in bringing together a consortium to bring the PEGGasus concept to fruition. In addition to APEGGA, making up the consortium are the University of Alberta (Institute for Professional Development), the National Research Council and Terra Prime Development. With funding in place and the development of a project plan, activity on PEGGasus began in earnest in February of this year.

By the end of May, personnel within the consortium had identified the requirements for the system. Based on their experience and a number of market research activities, system features and functionality were established and defined, and a static prototype and demonstration site was completed.

Currently, attention is focused on coding the functionality and features for a beta test site and making contact with a number of professional development providers who would like to cooperate in the beta trial scheduled to begin this summer.

In the beta trial, a small set of professional development opportunities will be continually loaded into the system to test its collection and input processes. A volunteer group of members will test the operation and features of PEGGasus. Feedback from both activities will assist the developers in fine tuning the system.
Full system rollout and operation is planned for the fall of this year. As of this date, the project is on schedule and on budget.

As PEGGasus moves into its beta trial, you will begin to see and hear more about the project. Some of you will be asked to become participants in the beta trial, and others of you might come across the website (www.peggasus.ca) or see promotional material for the project. In the late fall, you will have full access to a state-of-the-art system to assist each of you in planning and selecting professional development opportunities that fit your needs, budget and location.

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