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He Makes Science Class a Good Place to Be' APEGGA and its Branches Honour Alberta's Best Science and Math Teachers

Proud of Their Teacher
Award recipient Rose Oishi (left) with Brander Garden School Grade 3 class and Principal Carol Wolanski (right).

Senior Outreach Coordinator

"Mr. Barth loves his job. The excitement and enthusiasm he has towards science make me want to learn more. He tells us science never sucks. Science classes with Mr. Barth are never boring and learning is quick. He makes science class a good place to be."

Comments like these from McCoy High School students in Medicine Hat made it crystal clear to judges of the APEGGA Teacher Awards that Glen Barth is turning students on to science. Small wonder that he was selected as one of the 13 Alberta award recipients in APEGGA's 13th annual Tell Us Who Makes School Cool Teacher Awards Program.

Mr. Barth was ecstatic about receiving the award. He quipped that his award will officially make him and his wife equal as science teachers - Shannon Barth of St. Thomas Aquinas School received an APEGGA Teacher Award in 1998.

Students, parents, colleagues and school administrators around the province, 623 of them, took the time to nominate 127 math and science teachers for the awards. The program recognizes and celebrates science and math teachers in elementary, junior and senior high schools for the excellence they demonstrate in shaping the intellectual and creative development of students, as well as their outstanding efforts to "make school cool."

At a school ceremony, each award recipient is presented with a certificate and a $1,000 school donation to improve teaching or student learning in science, math or both. APEGGA also hosts events to honour each award recipient.

Members who judged the nominations in each APEGGA branch and the Edmonton area were treated to a memorable and enjoyable experience. Through their comments about teaching methods and outpouring of heartfelt thanks and appreciation, nominators portrayed exemplary, dedicated and talented teachers who practice the supreme art of teaching as described by Albert Einstein: "It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge."

"Mr. Zalasky wants us to realize that we need math to get into college or university. He wants us to do our best so that a lot of doors open for us in the future. Thank you, Mr. Zalasky, for pushing us to strive for bigger and better things in life."

Dennis Zalasky, who teaches senior high math at St. Matthews Catholic School in Rocky Mountain House, received a standing ovation from the school at a surprise presentation.

"This was a total shock and surprise. It is overwhelming. The comments from students and colleagues mean the world to me," said Mr. Zalasky. "I am familiar with APEGGA and its Teacher Awards program. I know the high standards of the organization and it is held in high regard. To get this award is truly special. It is an honour to be in the same company of so many talented teachers who APEGGA has selected as award recipients."

"Mrs. Oishi gives us great experiments. It is so cool when she ties art and writing into science."

"Rose is a master teacher in both the sciences and humanities. She teaches her students to love learning, to ask questions, to think, to test ideas and to persist."

Grade 3 teacher Rose Oishi at Brander Gardens School in Edmonton accepted her award in front of a cheering school assembly. She thanked and recognized APEGGA for the award and for encouraging math and science learning in schools and the community.

Brander Gardens Principal Carol Wolanski, who received a 1996 APEGGA Teacher Award, commended APEGGA as well. "This award recognizes what can be accomplished by an outstanding teacher in the areas of math and science," said Ms. Wolanski. "The monetary award benefits and enriches programming for students. Thank you to the members of APEGGA."

APEGGA extends appreciation and thanks to the following teachers listed at right, who excel in their profession, as well as in their efforts to promote science and math education in Alberta.


Northern Alberta

Peter Dang
Aurora Charter School, Edmonton

Doris Duret
Ecole St. Gerard Roman Catholic Separate School, Grande Prairie

Sandra Godue
Win Ferguson Community School, Fort Saskatchewan

Rose Oishi
Brander Gardens School, Edmonton

Clayton Smiley
E.H. Walter School, Paradise Valley

Philip Varughese
Westwood Community High School, Fort McMurray

Kandel Vick
Jubilee Junior High School, Edson

Southern Alberta

Glen Barth
McCoy High School, Medicine Hat

Germaine Bleile
Silver Springs Elementary School, Calgary

Rik Davis
Westmount Charter School, Calgary

Beth Polushin
Gem School, Gem

Scott Reiling
Vauxhall Junior Senior High School, Vauxhall

Dennis Zalasky
St. Matthews Catholic School, Rocky Mountain House

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