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U of C Career Fair
Shoots for More Support

Low student participate may have turned recruiters away from the fair in past years. Organizers for the upcoming September fair, however, believe they've found a way to make it better for all.

Organizers of a University of Calgary Engineering Career Fair in September hope to generate greater student and recruiter interest than past fairs have. Chris Popoff, career fair director with the U of C Engineering Students' Society, said he's busy rounding up recruiters in an effort to create a fair that's convenient for students and meets everyone's needs.

"It's our understanding that recruiters for engineering positions are not happy with the lack of student turnout at similar events at the U of C during the school year," said Mr. Popoff. "This in turn hurts our faculty because there is an assumption that the students are not interested in the positions that are being offered.

"Not only do U of C engineering students miss out on invaluable summer experience, but recruiters start going to competing schools for their employment base. These companies then begin to miss out on the wealth of talent that we have at our school."

The fair will feature soft skill workshops from Monday to Wednesday, Sept. 22 to 24, followed by the fair itself in the Engineering Lounge on Thursday, Sept. 25. The workshops will cover resume writing, networking, interview tips and other information to help students find jobs.

Also planned is a clubs day, on the 25th and in conjunction with the fair. Its purpose is to give more exposure to engineering related campus clubs such as Women in Science and Engineering, and Engineers Without Borders. The intent is to provide students with some options for becoming involved in engineering beyond the classroom.

The Engineering Students' Society wants to establish U of C engineering as a primary source of part-time summer and full-time graduate employment. It also wants to showcase U of C engineering before Calgary's corporate recruiters.
ESS is holding the fair and the clubs day in the engineering building, which means recruiters will have direct access to students. "This should virtually eliminate the lack of student response experienced in years past," said Mr. Popoff.

Event information packages will be made available well before the fair. The booklets will list companies and sponsors, and show where to find specific booths. A reception after the fair will introduce recruiters to some of the unique aspects of the U of C engineering program.



Chris Popoff
Career Fair Director
E-mail: chris.popoff@baytex.ab.ca
Phone: (403) 267-0755
Fax: (403) 267-0701

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