September, 2000

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Disciplinary Action

Re: Gregory Shvartsburd, P.Eng.,
Member # M26961
G. S. Engineering Ltd.,
Permit # P03487

The Discipline Committee has issued a decision for a stipulated order whereby the engineer voluntarily admitted that he and his permit holding company had conducted themselves in a manner that constituted unskilled practice in connection with services provided on a preserved wood foundation for a residence in Grande Cache, Alberta. The engineer and/or permit holder were retained to inspect and report on the condition of the existing foundation. The engineer inspected the property and issued a report that did not identify several matters concerning the preserved wood foundation, including: wall studs not being properly attached to the top plates; walls not being vertical; inadequate window framing; a missing telepost; untreated and failed wall studs; and ungraded, rough-sawn floor joists. As a consequence, the report did not meet acceptable engineering standards.

The engineer's registration as a professional engineer had been suspended previously (but after the time when the above actions took place) at the initiative of the Investigative Committee pending the outcome of an investigation on a different matter.

Disciplinary Action: The suspension of the engineer's registration and right to practice is continued until he passes the A1 and A2 parts of APEGGA's civil engineering syllabus of exams at his own expense. At that time, he will be allowed to resume practicing engineering, but under the supervision of a professional engineer. He must bear the costs of that supervision, including quarterly reports to APEGGA. He must pass the B1 and B2 parts of the civil engineering syllabus of exams within two years of passing A1 and A2. After he has passed B1 and B2 and has practiced under supervision for a minimum of two years, the supervision requirement will be removed. In addition, he must pass the APEGGA professional practice exam. An article identifying the engineer and permit holder was ordered to be published in The PEGG.

For the APEGGA Discipline Committee,
R. G. Chopiuk, P.Eng.
Director, Professional Practice

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