September, 2000

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An Editorial Thanks

It is with mixed emotions that this edition of The PEGG has been put to bed. After nine years, I have chosen to step down as Editor of The PEGG and to pursue independent options within writing, editing and publication management.

I could not leave without sharing some thoughts and without thanking PEGG readers, contributors, and the many talented engineers and geoscientists who have been the focus of The PEGG's coverage. For almost a decade, I have been privileged as an editor and writer to meet numerous professionals. Without exception, they have displayed enormous pride and enthusiasm about their work and professional activities. With patience and co-operation, they have shared the stories of what they do. These are the stories of what makes Alberta tick and how the efforts and insights of engineers, geologists and geophysicists have made this province not only a safer but also a more prosperous place.

There have been stories of courage and persistence, but above all ones of creativity and innovation. I have left more than one interview thinking not so much "Why didn't I think of that" but marvelling "How on Earth did anyone think of that!"

Too often the creativity and the genius of our engineers, geologists and geophysicists don't receive the recognition that's deserved. The PEGG attempts in some way to right the balance by telling stories that remind readers that there are real people behind the technology. Bringing you these stories has brought me genuine satisfaction.

By definition a serial publication is a work in progress and I am confident that the new Editor, who will be joining The PEGG shortly, will add some new touches to the paper. Let me thank PEGG readers and contributors, and the many within APEGGA who have provided me with so much support and encouragement.

Nordahl Flakstad

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