September 2001

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What If There Was No APEGGA?
Madame Truism's Glimpse of the Professions Without Self Regulation


Madame Truism: "Welcome, Mr. Miller. What is the mystery you desire solved?"
Dale: "Who are you? How did you know my name?"
Madame Truism: "I am Madame Truism. One comes to me for the answers to mankind's greatest mysteries like 'Why Kamikaze pilots wore helmets' or 'Do illiterate people get full benefit of alphabet soup?' or 'Can fat people go skinny-dipping?' My specialty is telling what would have been if something was different."
Dale: "Could you tell me what it would be like today if PEGGA was not created in 1920?"
Madame Truism: "Engineers and geoscientists would be registered by the "Registrar for Engineers, Geoscientists, Architects and Land Surveyors (REGALS)."
Dale: "Tell me about REGALS?"
Madame Truism: "It's a government department. All engineers, geoscientists, architects and land surveyors must get a license from REGALS before they can practice. It has a board of examiners comprised of government-appointed individuals who review applicants and grant registration. Approval is based on successfully passing their technical examinations. Applicants must re-apply every five years."
Dale: " And if I don't have a license?"
Madame Truism: " The GALA (Government of Alberta Licensing Authority) regularly checks for unlicensed individuals. They also investigate complaints against license holders. No peer review."
Dale: "What other services does REGALS offer?"
Madame Truism: "None!"
Dale: "No outreach program, no monthly newspaper, no promotion of the professions, no insurance programs, no scholarships, no teacher's awards, no professional development, no Summit Awards, no…."
Madame Truism (interrupting): "Are you a few feathers short of a whole duck? It's a government department - no advocacy. You just get your license."
Dale: "Is the license recognized elsewhere?"
Madame Truism: "Each province has its own admission requirements. There is no national organization across this great country."
Dale: "At least the annual fee must be low?"
Madame Truism: "Are you all foam, no beer! Bureaucrats run it! Sorry, no fee break!"
Dale: "Wow! I can really appreciate the privilege of self-governance!"
Madame Truism: "Remember, Dale, self-governance is a privilege. Don't take it for granted. You must continue to demonstrate to the government that you earned the right and are protecting the public."
Dale: "Thank you for your insight, Madame Truism"
Madame Truism: "My pleasure. Oh! One last thing. Do you ever wonder why you haven't seen a headline 'Psychic Wins Lottery'? "



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