The PEGG September 2001

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The Little Service Truck That Could / 1

Collicutt Hanover Emphasizes Quality Compressor Designs After Earlier, Smaller Incarnation Identified the Need

A Tale of Two Rings / 3

A Canadian Tradition Heads South, APEGGA President Receives Second Ring

Former Councillor On Trilateral Group / 3

Bonnie Stowkowy, P.Eng., Works on Free Trade Environmental Issues.

APEGGA Hires PR Coordinators / 3

Two key public relations positions in Calgary and Edmonton are now filled.

And Then the Boss Arrived / 3

PEGG Seeks Your Funny On-The-Job Tales

President's Notebook / 4

What if There Were No APEGGA?

Readers' Forum /5

Just Say E: APEGGA Education Foundation is On-Line / 6

Quebec Engineer Elected President of CCPE / 9

Class Out of Class / 9

New Award Recognizes Engineering Students Wyo Demonstrate Social consciousness

The How and Why of Protecting Professional Titles / 12

With the Force of Law to Back it Up, Compliance Department Helps Ensure Public Confidence

From the Branches / 12

Lakeland is Small But Bustling

The Grass is Greener on This Side / 19

Economic Optimism Blossoms in the Inventory of Major Alberta Projects

Major Conference Highlights Final Year of U of C Chair / 20

Keep the Women in Science Momentum Going, Says Dr. Cannon

Technical Societies Events / 20

Technical Societies Listing / 21

Membership Count / 25

Careers / 27

APEGGA Calendar / 29

PEGG These Dates / 29


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