Terri-Jane Yuzda

After Nine Years, He Knows the Job

Examinations Consultant
Accepts Position

A familiar face around the offices of APEGGA is now, officially, a staff member. Dr. Milt Petruk, P.Eng., has worked as a consultant to the Professional Practice Examination Committee for nine years. He's credited with playing a major role in improving the professional practice examination used by APEGGA and several Canadian sister associations.

Now, Dr. Petruk is a full-time staff member, carrying the title staff consultant, examinations. He can add that one to a list of titles.

A professor emeritus at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Dr. Petruk was a member of the faculty there for 31 years. Most recently he was assistant dean of the Faculty of Extension, and before that taught for the Faculty of Education.

He followed up his 1960 electrical engineering degree at the U of A with a master's degree in vocational education and a PhD in educational psychology, specializing in testing and measurement. He retired from the university six years ago to go into private practice as a consultant.

"Dr. Petruk brings to APEGGA a lengthy background in education, professional development and continuing adult education, as well as his expertise in program development and testing," says Al Schuld, P.Eng., deputy registrar and director of Administration.

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