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Insurance Program Signing

APEGGA Executive Director Neil Windsor, P.Eng., front left, and APEGGA President Ron Tenove, P.Eng., front right, give their signatures to the National Secondary Professional Liability Program, during the CCPE annual convention this past spring in St. John's, Nfld. At back, from left, are Peter Needra, P.Eng., vice-president and general manager, Canada, of DPIC Companies, provider of insurance services for the program; Pierre Boucher, ing., now the past president of CCPE; and Robert Wilson, chief executive officer, Pro-Form Insurance Services Inc., which with the HUB International Group of Companies is the primary broker. Security Insurance Company of Hartford underwrites the program.

National Insurance Program
Provides Secondary Coverage

Member engineers and geoscientists of APEGGA and nine other associations now enjoy the extra protection of the National Secondary Liability Insurance Program. With annual dues renewal notices, APEGGA members are receiving letters, certificates and information confirming their enrollment.

All members in good standing were automatically enrolled effective March 31, this year. On June 1, at the annual general conference of the Canadian Council of Professional Engineers in St. John's, representatives of the insurers, constituent associations and the CCPE held an official signing.

APEGGA and the other associations joined the program to protect member professionals from liability claims not normally covered by an employer. Without this type of insurance, a number of liability situations may arise to threaten the financial well-being of members. Coverage goes beyond what an employer normally carries for employees.

Claims could come out of work done for a previous employer no longer in business, for example, for from services that aren't a professional's main employment, such as mentoring or personal projects of less than $2,000. Retired professionals may need the protection for work done while they were still employed.

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