Terri-Jane Yuzda

The Steps to R.P.T.(Eng.)

What does it take to become an R.P.T.(Eng.)?

Firstly, all applicants must be registered engineering technologists - R.E.T.s - of good standing with the Alberta Society of Engineering Technologists. Even then, they must first apply to ASET, which nominates only those applicants it considers suitable. In that first stage of the application to ASET, a potential R.P.T.(Eng.) defines his or her scope of practice.

If nominated, the application for registration moves to the next stage, meaning APEGGA becomes involved. The APEGGA Board of Examiners reviews the applications. If the board is satisfied the applicant meets the necessary qualifications, the board registers the applicant as an R.P.T.(Eng.) and prescribes the defined scope of practice.

An R.P.T.(Eng.) must be of good character and reputation, be proficient in English and have at least six years of experience in work of an engineering nature that is acceptable to the Board of Examiners. At least two of those years' experience must be in the applicant's specific area of professional practice, and must have been completed under the supervision and control of a professional member. Before an applicant can be licensed with APEGGA, he or she must also pass the National Professional Practice Exam.

Application packages are available at www.apegga.org, or by request at the offices of APEGGA.

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