October, 2000

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Calgary Branch Kick-Off

pproximately 250 people attended the APEGGA Calgary Branch's Sept. 21 kick-off of its 2000-01 luncheon speaker series. Eric Potter, P.Eng., business development manager for Global Thermoelectric Inc., spoke about the latest in fuel cell technology.

In an age of increased environmental awareness and rising fuel prices, solid fuel cell technology promises affordable, clean energy that can be adapted to multiple applications, he told the APEGGA audience.

The solid oxide fuel cell technology (SOFC) is an electrochemical device that combines hydrogen and oxygen to produce high-grade electricity, heat and water. Even the smallest SOFC systems are highly efficient, with low emissions and excellent cogenerative potential. Recent developments, pushed primarily by the automotive industry, have made the cells smaller, more stable, and more powerful. Applications for this new technology cross all industries, from automotive to telecommunications to oil and gas.

The next Calgary branch luncheon will be held Oct. 18 at the Hyatt-Regency, (700 Centre Street South). Members are reminded to note the change of venue. The Calgary branch meetings committee hopes to see everyone out for this event, which features Neil Camarta, Senior Vice President - Oil Sands for Shell Canada and CEO of Albian Sands Energy, making a presentation on the Athabasca Oil Sands Project.

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