The PEGG October 2000

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Summit Award Winner Brings New Light to Remote Places /1

With the use of white light emitting diode (WLED) lighting, Dave Irvine-Halliday, P.Eng., PhD, the recipient of APEGGA's 2000 Summit Award for Community Service,
is bringing light to Nepalese villages where before there was darkness.

New Ads Communicate Licensure Requirements /1

APEGGA's Communications Planning Committee and Enforcement Review Committee have teamed up to raise awareness of the value and legal requirements of professional licensure of engineers, geologists and geophysicists in Alberta.

The PEGG Postponed for November

Listing Names on APEGGA's website:
Balancing Privacy With a Right to Know /3

In this month's President's Notebook, Sue Evison, P.Eng., examines issues related to posting APEGGA's Membership Register on the APEGGA website.

Calgary Branch Kick-Off /3

Approximately 250 people attended the APEGGA Calgary Branch's Sept. 21 kick-off of its 2000-01 luncheon speaker series. Eric Potter, P.Eng., business development manager

Alberta's First Registered Professional Technologists (Engineering) /4

Six new RPTs (Engineering) were presented with their licences during the APEGGA visit to Medicine Hat on Sept. 20.

APEGGA Council Meets in Medicine Hat /4

As part of its effort to hold one meeting each year outside Calgary and Edmonton, APEGGA Council last month met in Medicine Hat. In addition to full agenda, the gathering in Medicine Hat provide an opportunity for the first six Registered Professional Technologists (Engineering) to be presented with their certificates (link to photo).

Vince Heron: Volunteering Widens Understanding of Professions /6

This month's Our Volunteers features Vince Heron, P.Eng., who has been active on a number of APEGGA committees, including the Acts Regulation and Bylaws Committee and the Enforcement Review Committee.

Salary Survey Trends Mostly Positive /6

APEGGA's 2000 Employer Salary Survey points to earnings by geologists and geophysicists generally keeping pace with the current 3.5-per-cent annual rise in the consumer price index (CPI) in Alberta, while figures for engineers suggest a more mixed picture.

From the Branches /6

Check out the first in a regular series of reports from APEGGA's branches.

Development Program Aims to Put Student on the Road to Future Careers /8

Consulting Engineers of Alberta has teamed up with Alberta Infrastructure and the Alberta Roadbuilders and Heavy Construction Association to provide valuable co-op work experience for engineering students.

Engineering Success on the Internet /8

The PEGG carries first of a two-part series by Peter Reath, P.Eng., on how engineers and geoscientists can make use of the Internet to get out their message.

Four Years and Three Jobs Later… A Co-op Engineering Student's Story /9

Brian Martin, a University of Alberta electrical engineering student, writes about the three work terms he has taken part in during the U of A's co-op program.

University of Alberta Student News /9

The PEGG carries the first instalment of student news for the 2000-01 session.

Builders Without Borders Ready To Help When Disasters Strike /10

A relatively new Canadian organization, Builders Without Border, is providing Canadian expertise in areas of the world hit by disasters. Another existing group, RedR, has provided similar relief support for some time.

The Izmit,Turkey, Earthquake /11

APEGGA member Turgay Ogut, P.Geoph., writes about the devastating earthquake which hit part of Turkey last year. The author draws parallels to that earthquake zone and the areas adjacent to California's San Andreas Fault.

The Slide Rules /12

Vincent Duckworth writes about how slide rules, once indispensable tools of engineers, have become curiosities and, some cases, collectors' items.

Salary Survey /13-16

The PEGG carries four pages containing summarized material; and tables from the most recent APEGGA Salary Survey.

Things Fall into Place For Techna-West /17

Edmonton-based Techna-West Engineering includes expertise on fall protection in its suite of consulting services.

In the News /19

APEGGA members making news.

Through the Decades /20

The series highlighting Alberta engineering and geoscience developments of the last century makes its next to last stop, by examining the 1980s.

New E.U. Directives Impact Export of Products to Europe /21

The recent establishment and upcoming implementation of the Canadian/E.U. and U.S./E.U. Mutual Recognition Agreements have triggered a new wave of questions and interest in compliance with European Directives and use of the CE Marking.

*Registration /22-23

APEGGA Teacher Award Recipients Helping to Make Alberta Schools "Cool" /23

Fourteen educators have been presented with APEGGA Teacher Awards in recognition of their efforts to make math and science classes interesting for their students.

APEGGA Calendar /24

Societies Listing /24

PEGG These Dates /25

Careers /26

Stan Haner Happy to Help As Rural Systems Power Up /28

Stan Haner, P.Eng., is providing advice as Alberta's rural electrification associations show signs of a resurgence.


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