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Universities to Decide Scholarship Approaches


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The APEGGA Education Foundation Board met Sept. 9 and the following are some of the highlights.

Scholarships and Awards
The board has two liaison committees on this, one with the University of Alberta and the other with the Unversity of Calgary. Edmonton committee members met with their university colleagues during the summer and have produced a report with recommendations that was presented to the board.

The university did not favour creation of new scholarships or like initiatives, but would rather see new monies put into increasing the amount of present scholarships and supporting existing programs.
The board has acted on one of the latter by approving the funding of a plaque to be presented to the top performing student in the Faculty of Extension's Certificate Management Program, specifically for members of APEGGA.

A number of the U of A initiatives need volunteer support to operate. The university notes that these volunteers are already overtaxed. It seems there is an opportunity here for APEGGA members to provide manpower, as well as funds.

The scholarship selection committee has been busy reviewing applicants for the Millenium Scholarships (yes, there are two of them now!). This year there were 38 applicants to be reviewed by Director Dr. Ron Lawson, P.Eng., and his team, and the selection of the best has been a challenge.

A request was put to the board to award additional Millenium scholarships in view of the fact that some of the other APEGGA scholarships have not been applied for. The board, in consultation with APEGGA, has concluded that funds are not transferable from one scholarship to another, but has agreed that if there is a "tie" for awards, then the board will award some additional scholarships beyond the two from their its funds. This avoids an award "lottery" where candidates are equally qualified.

The board is still waiting on a report from the liaison committee in Calgary.

Other Business
APEGGA and the Foundation will host the annual Excellence in Education Award Nights in Calgary on Oct. 28 and in Edmonton on Nov. 6. Recipients of scholarships and teacher awards will be honoured. Attendance is by invitation only because of the large numbers involved.

Bylaw revision is being pursued. Foundation President Norman Orr, P.Eng., and APEGGA designate member, Ross Plecash, P.Eng., will meet with APEGGA counsel and Corporate Registry of Alberta Government Services to try to resolve.

The business of your Foundation seems to move slowly at times, but we should remember that it is being run by unpaid volunteers who take the time out of their own busy schedules to keep it running. We should be thankful for that.

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